I have been one of these women nearly all of my life. Black is my happy colour, it makes me feel strong, confident and just a little bit badass! However, I get as many uninvited questions and stupid statements about my wardrobe colour palette (or absence there of) as I do about my height! For example…

  • You always wear black‘ vs. ‘You’re so tall‘… Erm, yes and yes. Thanks so much for stating the obvious!
  • Why do you always wear black?’ vs. ‘Why do you wear heels, you’re tall enough‘… Erm, because I choose to and I feel fantastic!
  • Do you ever dress in bright colours?’ vs ‘Do you play basketball?‘…. Erm, No! Next question?!
  • Black is so morbid, you look like you’re going to a funeral‘ vs. ‘I’d hate to be that tall, it must be awful for you‘… OK, enough already! I’m afraid my patience does NOT stretch this far people.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all doom and gloom behind my wardrobe doors there are ‘other colours’ lurking in there but these only account for around 10-20% of my wardrobe (mostly blue denim, tan, khaki, navy, white and grey).

As a business woman and an NLP practitioner, I’ll often used the phrase ‘people are different but they are predictably different‘. But when I stumbled upon Brianna Wiest’s article, in the THOUGHT CATALOG, I was taken aback! Was she somehow spying on me through my laptop? How on earth was this woman describing me to within an inch of my being just by my love of black clothing? I know there’s a lot of information online about this subject but she’s spot on and it’s a pretty cool list so naturally, I had to share it!

11 Reasons Why Women Who Wear All Black Are Never To Be Messed Withwear black

1. Women who wear all black have colourful minds. They tend to be driven and hard-working and balance out all the chaos in their sartorial choices.

2. They’re perceived as more attractive, successful and confident. People who wear black are powerful – plain and simple, and they tend to command respect, too.

3. They have a “walk softly, carry a large stick” mentality. They’re unassuming. They do not need your approval, but they will make sure you recognize what they do and what kind of impact they have on others.

4. They value self-empowerment above all else. They are not the kind of people you want to complain to, their response will just be an example of how you could take back control of your life.

5. They care more about being themselves than buying into trends. They see every aspect of their lives as a potential avenue of self-expression, and they are never ones to just “follow the crowd” on anything.

6. Even if they aren’t calling you out on your bullshit, they see right through it. They’re deep thinkers to a fault, which is why they prefer simplicity in other areas in their life. Regardless: they are aware of your motivations before you are.black clothes7. They’re straightforward. If you ask for their opinion, you are going to get it – not an altered idea of what they think you want to hear.

8. They are a terrifying combination of elegant and intimidating. If there is anything more scary than a graceful woman who is in equal parts a raging, unstoppable badass… I’ll believe it when I see it.

9. They are not afraid to edit their lives. Friends, jobs, relationships, outfits – if something isn’t working, they believe life is too short to hold onto anything mediocre.

10. They don’t care if you don’t like them. They do not act with the intention of winning over your praises; they’d rather be true to themselves.

11. They care more about what they do than what they look like. It’s because they care so much about what they do that they always want to look sleek and put-together, but also that they don’t want to waste their energy on things that they don’t value much.

So there you have it! And on a final note, I’d like to point out that with all the variations out there, matching black and black is not as easy as it sounds. Here are…

My Top 3, most distressing black fashion moments

1. Black-Black Skinny Jeans. Combined with my 6’2 frame, Black Skinny Jeans are the bane of my existence. Recently, I thought I’d struck gold when I found what I believed to be THE perfect black skinnies. They then faded after just 3 cold washes and my heart broke a little. Urgh, even the trusty Dylon trick isn’t getting them back to the right shade of black. Devastating.

2. Shopping! Although it’s getting better, being tall limits a girl’s wardrobe choices. Combine that with a penchant for GOOD QUALITY black clothing and a reluctance to pay designer prices. you are generally only left with the option of no more than 5 new pieces per season if that

3. Deodorant… need I say more!

Can you relate? Can you solve my black-black skinny jean dilemma for good?! Do you too love wearing black or is it your idea of fashion hell? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.