I love this song by Queen. (Come to think of it, actually, I love every song by Queen <3).

With my first ever boxing match looming in just a few days (yup – still not done talking about this badboy) I’ve been spending a bit of time this past week or so pumping up my confidence, my self-belief and my grittiest, most badass inner determination. It’s sass central over here.

After all, if I’m not walking into this with a winning mindset… What the heck am I going to be walking out with?!

The same applies for everything. Everything, every time, always and forever.

Whatever you’re into; be it the frilliest woo-woo about the law of attraction or the cold, hard facts of science… The rules are; what we perceive, we project outwards. What we put out there, we attract back. We are anything and everything that we believe we are.

And it’s true.

Ever noticed how whenever you feel really stressed and busy, additional things come hurtling your way to make you feel even more stressed and busy? And on the flip side – ever noticed how things tend to pan out better than expected when you decide to breathe, chill out, make peace with it all and keep your chin up?

If I convince myself (even in the tiniest, whispered thoughts) that I’m not good enough for this fight, then I won’t be. How could I be? Because a decision has been made. And when we decide on these things, we do all of the things that prove our decisions were right. Even subconsciously; and even if it’s just to ourselves. And of course; just like that – things don’t work out. Because the decision was made ages ago, deep down, that they were never going to.

My competitor is a strong, determined and skilled fighter. I admire her. And I’m strong too.

Strong, brave, excited and stubbornly determined.

And so I’ve made my decision.confidence coach winning mindset coaching boxing female boxer tall guides magazine tallguides

I’m focusing on my strengths.

I’m focusing on my ability to thrive under pressure.

I’m focusing on feeling epic when I visualise my walk up to the ring (to another Queen song – obvs).

I’m focusing on squeezing every last (sweaty) drop of effort out of my last few days of training.

I’m focusing on having the time of my life.

I’m focusing on being proud of myself.

I’m focusing on winning.

What are you focusing on right now?tallguides share it