Have you ever felt like you’re living out some bizarre, Bill Murray-less groundhog day?

Inertia has her beastly claws in you, and you’re sick of experiencing, quite literally, the same sh*t day in and day out with no clear idea of how you can get out of it.


tadalafil purchase There is one of two ways this is going to pan out, dear tall one.

  • You aren’t quite sick of it enough to change anything just yet. And that’s ok. There’s only so long we can stay put before we’re truly ready to move. The right time will come; and when it does you’ll be ready and raring to go.
  • Things need to change. Like, yesterday. Staying in this situation, this scenario that actually isn’t true to what you WANT or who you ARE, is no longer an option. Not for one more single second, sister.

Just recently I had one of those metaphorical life experiences happen which puts this whole conversation into a real-life, tangible context.

If you keep up with Tall Guides magazine, you may have already read that I’m training to compete in a White Collar Boxing match for Cancer Research UK.

At one of my recent training sessions, while being on the receiving end of some pretty relentless punches to the face, it suddenly dawned on me why I was repeatedly being hit in the same way and in the same spot.

I just wasn’t moving. (I mean – Duhhhh!).

My guard was up, my stance was light and ready to bounce, but in that moment I was frozen inside my own brain – over thinking, self-critical, defensive and doubtful. “Oww! She’s done it again! How?? How is this happening? What am I doing wrong? She’s definitely beating me this round. OWW!”  (Feel free to add in your own suggestions for self-pitying, whiney phrases; it’s highly likely I thought them too). It wasn’t a pretty sight.

In fact, I was focusing so intently on how much the position I was in SUCKED, that I forgot to focus on finding a way out of it.

Just… Bloody… MOVE!

Duck, dive, dodge; jab, hook and strike; defend, attack and defend again.

The endless options for moving successfully had been there all along. But it took getting out of my own head and moving my focus to notice them in the first place.

If something sucks enough that it continues to swamp the majority of your thoughts; triggering the same pains, the same internal responses and the same spirals of feeling rubbish… Is it time for something to change?

When life punches us repeatedly in the same place… Let’s get moving – because we CAN!

Need a helping hand?

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