Writing for magazines can dramatically enhance your reputation and expose your business to new audiences. Every publication is different so it’s important to tailor your writing voice to suit. As the editor of Tall Guides Magazine, I know the Tall Guides voice in depth, and quickly reject a poor match or a blanket email approach.

Here are three ways you can match your voice to your target publications, so your style is “just right”.


First, look at whether the most popular writers at your target outlet typically use the first or third person. Publications that use the first person point of view are often casual, chatty, and personal. While writers using the third person often seem to not express their own opinions, framing their views through quotes and examples from others instead.

If you’re having trouble assessing levels of formality, try comparing an article from your target publication. How many personal anecdotes do you find in each? Do both writers use the first person? Do you notice a difference in formal or informal style?

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Any writer with a strong voice uses innate rhythms and flow to sound cohesive. Publications often have a typical way they structure sentences. For instance, how many sentences are simple and concise, and how many are long and flowing? Do they fuse together simple sentences that could easily be split? You can apply this research to your own writing in order to tap and echo a brand’s sentencing. By reflecting the flow of the publication in your own writing, you immediately sound like you’re one of “their people.”


Sometimes tone is obvious but if not, you could read through articles from your target publication to see they share a particular quality? Look for stand out words and jot down some keywords on the topic that you need to write about and head for a thesaurus. How can you make your words and terms feel similar in mood to your target publication?

If you are looking to write for a specific magazine, follow the above tips and your written voice will start to sound like a fit. When that happens, it’s far easier to break into even the most coveted publications, amplify your voice and accelerate your business growth.

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