Everyone is utterly irresistible. We can’t even help ourselves – it’s just the way we are.

You included!

Irresistible in an effortless way which attracts lovers, friends, careers and conversations.

This is what it really all boils down to:

Everyone – absolutely everyone – has charisma.

That incredibly dynamic colleague of yours; the one who dazzles whenever they present something? They don’t have any more charisma than anyone else.

The one in your friendship group who effortlessly exudes sassy confidence? Neither does she.

That hilarious person you love being around, whose quick-witted humour lights up the room? We’re all equals.

Even the heroine/hero of your favourite, most inspirational read… we’re completely neck and neck.

It might be that you’re already pretty clued-up on your personal areas of ‘wow’, and (hopefully) wear your ‘wow’ traits with pride.

But for others it can be so dangerously easy to ‘define’ charisma, based on where we secretly identify lack in ourselves when measured against others.

Because where there is comparison, guess what? Lack follows!

And where we find ourselves lacking (even if it’s all in our head!) we usually begin to limit ourselves. tadalafil without prescription Our choices, our options, our potential.


Everyone is irresistible.

Everyone has charisma.

Everyone is magnetic. YOU are magnetic!

So how do you go from believing you aren’t enough of something… to believing that you are more than enough, and have been all along?

It starts with tuning in to you.

The realest, clearest and most honest version of you – as you are, right now in this moment.

Because as long as it isn’t being hidden away… As long as it isn’t being denied… Every single side of your personality is alive with charismatic energy. Even if it is the quietest, shyest and most secret side of you.

follow url Because the bare bones of charisma lie in authenticity.

It really doesn’t matter which traits are louder, bolder or shinier… what matters is they are truly yours, and you are brave enough to embrace, own and wear them honestly.

Because someone, or something, always wants and needs what you’ve got to offer – just as you are!

Are you a fantastic listener?

Someone who passionately stands up for what they believe in?

The kind of person who thrives in their own company?

Or perhaps the energetic whirlwind who can’t keep still?!

Whoever you are; whatever makes you YOU – there isn’t anyone else out there quite like you.

Your combination of traits are already lined up beautifully; accepting them is what makes you magnetic.

And that in itself, is a waterfall of charisma.


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