Tacos, Tequila & Tall Girls – SATURDAY 29 JULY : PHOENIX, AZ

Join #teamtall USA for dinner in Phoenix, AZ at 5pm on Saturday 29th July and enjoy good food, like-heighted company, lots of laughter and a tequila or two!

What tall women have said about our social gatherings:

“Is anyone else still amazed by the feeling of having been in a room with other tall women? I had a hard time speaking, thinking properly even because it was a kind of systemic shock. The photos have also been so amazing because it’s cool to see your body re-framed. My proportions look different in perspective next to equal and taller women. It was in a small way like becoming a different person”

“Absolutely loved meeting fellow tall ladies and sharing stories, can’t wait to do it again soon”

Full Details in the #TEAMTALL @TALLGUIDES Facebook Group and if you’re not on Facebook, please email theteam@tallguides.com for more information.teamtall dinner phoenix Arizona tacos tequila tallgirls

 If you’re a tall woman, we’d love to see you over in #teamtall or at one of our future events.