TALL GUIDES is an online magazine and a global community of inspiring tall women. #TEAMTALL is where we hang out!

This platform was established in early 2016, in response to a New Year’s resolution made by 6’2 Founder, Sallee Poinsette-Nash. Sallee decided to spend a whole year celebrating being tall. Determined to confronting her body confidence issues head on, she said ‘yes’ to all things height related and her journey was a life changing one.

TALL GUIDES and #TEAMTALL has become a positive and supportive place, where women encourage each other and grow in confidence.

We are so much more than a measurement. But as tall girls, we can often feel like we don’t fit in. Be that in our clothes, among our friends or even in society and the wider world. The struggles we face in our younger years are real. And they can often be carried forward with us into adult life.
teamtallIt is our belief that it can be hard to love being different until you find a place where you are all the same. We are that place & our motto is #LOVEYOURDIFFERENCE

Our Facebook group #TEAMTALL is full of kindness and free of judgement. It has undertones of strength and belonging. It’s where the magic happens. Vulnerability, inspiration and global connection.

The only thing connecting us is our height so we’re a really diverse group of women with very different things to offer. #TEAMTALL has very quickly become a highly interactive platform. Our members come from all corners of the world. And they are benefiting from the power of this incredible group of women. Making genuine connections and forming friendships with women who really get it.teamtallIn 2016 we hosted and co-hosted offline #TEAMTALL events and ran a social ‘lunches & brunches‘ series, which saw us bringing tall women together in London, Amsterdam and Seattle. If you would like to host or co-host an event in 2017, please get in touch.

We love starting new conversations so if you’re a business or brand that can see synergy in what we’re doing or you would like to get our community involved with your latest project, please email sallee@tallguides.com