Our #TEAMTALL community successfully celebrated turning one last weekend and our series of like-heighted social events saw over 100 tall women gathering across 3 continents.

Our partygoers ranged from 20 somethings to 60 somethings, standing at around 5’9 to 6’9 (without heels!) and although we are all connected by height, the diversity we saw at these events was a beautiful thing! I’d like to say a special thank you to all of you who joined in; you made it a positive and energising day to remember… we’ll definitely be doing it all over again next year.

EUROPE : LONDONtall women teamtall tall events Tallguides

“Is anyone else still amazed by the feeling of having been in a room with other tall women? I had a hard time speaking, thinking properly even because it was a kind of systemic shock. The photos have also been so amazing because it’s cool to see your body re-framed. My proportions look different in perspective next to equal and taller women. It was in a small way like becoming a different person”

” Probably like many of you I’ve been told by cultural signals I wasn’t properly feminine. Having an official tall women’s gathering in a place decorated like this sends a signal. And it’s appreciated.”

“I had a fantastic day, meeting new people, a great atmosphere, thanks everyone x”

A special thank you to Marsha for all her support & help organising our London event

NORTH AMERICA : LA & THE DC AREAtall women teamtall tall events Tallguides North America USA

“It was so lovely! Thanks for a great afternoon gals and a fabulous party bag… So wonderful to meet such amazing women”

“So excited to celebrate the #teamtall birthday just steps from the beach!”

“It was amazing. I’m sad I didn’t get to talk to more people! My sister and I were on a real high when we left. Home now – and time to investigate the goodies in my gift bag! What a fab load of goodies! Thanks to all who contributed”

A special thank you to Summer & Akia for organising our sunny LA event and to Helen for a fabulous event at Talltique for all the tall DC area ladies

AFRICA : SOUTH AFRICA & OUR #TEAMTALL PARTY BAGStall women teamtall tall events Tallguides North America USA

“What a happy time spent yesterday with a special group of long legged gals! We were too busy yapping to remember to take lots of pics, but I did manage to snap a few”

“One physical thing I noticed: I could not stop myself from automatically ducking my head when one of you spoke to me. My body equates female voice with having to bow my head to hear. I kept having to jerk it back up again”

“Absolutely loved meeting fellow tall ladies and sharing stories, can’t wait to do it again soon. And thank you for the amazing gift bag!”

A special thank you to Kristi for organising a fantastic Love Long Length event for all the #teamtall women of South Africa


Since the event, a couple of the #teamtall women have vlogged about their experience at the London event, which gives you a real flavour of what it’s actually like to attend one of our Global Gatherings. Both Sherene and Uche are fairly new to the vlogging scene so we’d also like to encourage you to show your support by subscribing to their channels or liking and commenting on their videos – watch the videos here

#TEAMTALL EVENTS : WHAT’S NEXT?teamtall tallevent tallevents tallguides usa uk london tall


Style & Win Your Look* : Fancy yourself as a stylist? Could you put together a winning tall girl look? On Saturday 17th June Tallgirls, in collaboration with Tall Guides Magazine will be gathering at the Tallgirls London Pop Up Shop for Shopping, Champagne & Styling. You will have the chance to put together your favourite look from the new Tallgirls range & the person with the most votes will win their outfit. *A #teamtall exclusive. There’s no pressure to take part & you’re more than welcome to come along for the like-heighted company and complimentary fizz!


Join #teamtall USA for dinner in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday 29th July and enjoy good food, like-heighted company, lots of laughter and a tequila or two!

Thank you to all of  you who made it to one of our birthday events. If you’re a tall woman, we’d love to see you over in our #teamtall Facebook group or at one of our future events.