Team Toolkit

We want our contributors to grow with us so this is the beginning of our Team Toolkit. As this evolves, we hope you will use it as a resource and a place of inspiration. We’re kicking this off with a series of TALL GUIDES, designed to support and encourage your writing, blogging and creative journey.

Style Guide: Content 11 Ways

TOOLKIT_contentWe’re sure you’re buzzing with lots of fantastic post ideas but maybe you’ve fallen in to a style trap? We’re certainly not about to start telling you how to create. This guide is here, only to act as inspiration with the aim of getting you thinking in different ways but our message is loud & clear: we want the creativity to be all yours!

We’ve pulled together 11 types of post that can be used to present one idea or topic several ways

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 Growth Guide: What Really Works


Are you a business, a brand or a blogger who is looking to grow? Maybe you’re all three! Everyone needs to approach their blog or business in their own way so we expect you have lots of tips to share too but here are 17 top line tips for 2017 designed to inform, motivate or remind you of what you may already know!

We hope you find some fresh inspiration for your next post, product or project… and we’ve thrown in a free daily planner to get you started and keep you on track

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Marketing Guide: On A Budget

When you’re running your own blog, startup or small business, it’s likely that your enthusiasm alone will generate a constant stream of new ideas. Most of these often fall away because of limited budgets and limited time but what if you could harness that creativity into thinking about how to market what you’re doing to make your content, products and messaging stretch further; enabling you to share your vision with the world.We would like to give you five strategies you can try out to shine a spotlight on your blog or business.

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What would you like to see next?

This resource will continue to grow so if there is something in particular that you’d like us to make a guide about or if you have something of value that you’d like to share with the rest of the team, please let us know by emailing

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