In shocking news this week, we discovered that Tallgirls has had to shut its doors for good. This long-standing tall fashion business is a favourite among our #teamtall community so it’s no surprise that sadness and disappointment have echoed through our facebook group.

6’3” Joanne started the business from her parents garage nearly 20 years ago with nothing more than a desire to change her options and not be limited by what she could buy on the high street – read the interview. Joanne and her team have worked tirelessly to build a brand that so many of us love and have in our wardrobes. If any of you own a piece of Tallgirls clothing, you’ll know that the clothes stood the test of time – not falling apart after a couple of wears or shrinking in the wash.

So why has this much loved brand had to shut up shop? The likely combination behind this sad departure is sales and supply chain management. It’s all about the key factors of supply and demand and for fashion companies. The secret to achieving long-term success lies in effectively managing both the supply chain and distribution channels, while maintaining the brand image and driving sales.

With big brands dominating the tall space and fast-fashion retailers playing a volume game, whilst churning out 52 collections a year at prices that no indie brand could ever compete with, Tallgirls isn’t the first to disappear from our ‘available choices’ this year. We’ve seen Tall Order Clothing and North Clothing hit the pause button… unsure if we’ll ever see them return. As well as luxury brand, MARGE who said goodbye a few months ago to head in a different direction.

All these businesses were started by tall women, run by tall women and aimed at tall women. These are the brands we should be supporting, giving our feedback to if something isn’t working and helping them to grow so they too can reach a place where they can truly compete.

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Regardless of the reasons behind this departure, we would like Joanne to know that we are thankful she started on this journey all those years ago and we’re sorry to see it finish. Our thoughts go out to her, her family and staff who, given the turn of events, must all be having a challenging time.

On behalf of Tall Guides Magazine and the #teamtall community, we’d like to finish by saying a very big thank you to Joanne and all who were part of making Tallgirls possible for so long. We are grateful for all the choices you gave us, we’re thankful for the quality you delivered to us and we appreciated the excellent customer service you were renowned for… we’ll miss you.

A message from Tallgirls

Given the difficult challenges a business faces when it goes into liquidation, we have obtained a statement for all of you who have been Tallgirls customers and supporters over the years:

I am sorry to say that after nearly 20 years Tallgirls finally closed its doors last month.  Factors beyond our control meant that we could not continue in the current climate. I want to thank you all for your support over the years – I have seen many of you visit us all the way through school, university, new jobs and even your weddings.

I started the business in 1998 at age 25 with a passion to provide footwear for girls like me who at 6ft3” with a UK size 10 shoe couldn’t find anything to fit.  A few years later you asked us to develop a clothing range which we launched in 2001. It’s been challenging, exciting and a lot of hard work. 

I hope there will be more women out there who will pick up the mantle and start their own independent tall ranges to ensure that us tall girls continue to have a choice.  Please support those that have the courage and drive to do so.

Thank you all again, it’s been an adventure.