Yesterday I went traipsing through an oasis jungle to get to a beautiful Wadi and I got to see some of the most breath taking views this planet has to offer. I went off-roading with friends up a mountain side on steep, narrow, winding roads. Put my trust in strangers to help us find the way. Held on tightly while we navigated the winding steep stairway down to the wadi. I cringed every time a palm leaf would scrape against my body, making me think of all the creepy crawlies around me. I went completely and utterly out of my comfort zone and I was rewarded beautifully for it.

Since leaving the comfort of our home and life in Canada, I’ve continuously put myself in uncomfortable situations. Allowing myself to be vulnerable enough to establish new friendships and being scared to drive on my own but doing it anyway. Flying across the world on my own with our dog and jumping into a vehicle with my new friends for a grand adventure. All these moments began with me being very uncomfortable and they all finished with a sense of awe and wonder. Not just in seeing and experiencing new things but also a sense of awe at my own courage in these moments.

I’m not foolish enough to believe that every time I step out of my comfort zone I will be rewarded. Sometimes things will go incredibly wrong. For example the first time I went to a beauty salon here…tall women tallgirl travel wadi woner awe tallguides tall guides magazine heightI had a really hard time when we first arrived in the Middle East. We were staying in a rough place, infested with cockroaches as it was the only hotel that allowed dogs. I was too scared to drive but knew I needed to get myself out of the roach motel for a bit. My mind was made up. I ventured out to a beauty salon in the building next to our hotel. I decided to get a conditioning treatment for my hair and I ended up being in there for four hours.

The ladies spent the time talking about how straw-like my hair was. They stared at me like I was an alien. The hairdresser used an old eyebrow brush to apply the treatment and they had to run outside to fill up a cistern for the sink to rinse it out as they didn’t have running water. Then they blowed dried my crazy curly hair with a blow dryer and brushed it out. My hair was horribly frizz-tastic.

When I got back to the hotel with my crazy hair, I laughed… knowing that although I may not have had the experience I was hoping for, I was certain that this little step out of my comfort zone was leading me to take bigger ones in the future. My trip to Wadi Tiwi was one of those.

My conclusion? Uncomfortable moments are worth it! They really can lead to wonder and awe. Sometimes they can even lead you towards beautiful places that truly take your breath away. Even with frizzy hair!

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