My name is Samantha, I live in Australia and I’m 5’6… at a stretch! HOWEVER, I’m married to a 6’10 man and I used to live with some AFL boys who stood at 6’7 & 6’9. I was so tired of seeing these guys in clothing that didn’t even fit. I was also sick of buying my husband 3XL clothing just for length… and it still not being long enough for him. So, when our 3rd baby was born in 2015, I decided enough was enough. If I couldn’t beat them, I’d join them! I designed and employed numerous people then in November 2015, I launched Doubs clothing for men.

The business was going well and my husband was finally in clothes that fit. Then I realised that tall women were buying my sweat pants and hoodies. In the same week, I was given tickets to see the Australian Basketball team play. This was where I met Lily, the daughter of a 7’3 man. Standing at 6’5, Lily was a gorgeous young woman, with jeans just about touching her ankles. I approached her and she became my muse.Doubs tall clothing women height tallguides tall guides magazineI worked even harder on the women’s clothing line. In my experience, tall women are more difficult to dress then tall men, as some are curvy, some are broad, and others are very athletic or thin. Some are longer in the torso or longer in the inseam… and so on. I worked tirelessly, perfecting every piece and every measurement then on July 1st 2017, I launched Doubs Women.

I’m a mum of 3 beautiful, and long, children – 5yo girl, 4yo boy & 2yo girl – who I always have in mind when making clothes. When they are 15, I’d like them to be able to wear trendy, fun clothes, that make them feel confident in their own skin. I want my husband to feel and look good every day. I also want my customers to have a wardrobe full of Doubs Clothing and know that the quality and length is perfect.Doubs tall clothing women height tallguides tall guides magazine

We make 90% of our clothing in Australia, 8% in Bali & 2% in China. We only use ethically sourced resources and factories and make sure everyone we employee is either local or community based. Our philosophy is to respect and love everyone that is on our Doubs adventure.

We don’t Photoshop any of the clothes, and only use models of genuine height. I may not be tall but it’s important that my models are so I try to use 6’4 – 6’6 girls (and 6’9 – 7’2 men). This is so that when you look at a photo, you can imagine exactly what that piece of clothing will look like on your body shape. I also never use agency or paid models. Instead, I reach out on social media and ask for genuine shapes, sizes, skin colours, cultural backgrounds and ages so as to show as much diversity as I can for my customers from all over the world.Doubs tall clothing women height tallguides tall guides magazine

At Doubs, we are an open book. Nothing is too much trouble and I personally respond to all customer enquiries. I ask for feedback and I’m always open to ideas from my customers because this is not a brand I started for myself, I started it for the men and women out there who simply couldn’t get clothes to fit.

We have free shipping worldwide, and always offer a money back guarantee. I am so confident in the time we spend on each piece that I know it will fit my customers. If you’d like to give us a try, I look forward to welcoming you to Doubs Women.

Doubs Women is made for 6’0 to 6’10” women with long torsos, inseams or limbs. Doubs Clothing is made for tall men 6’6″ to 7’4″ for men with long limbs.

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