The Art of styling your uniqueness. Surely it can’t be that difficult to be yourself, express who you are and allow your confidence to shine. But for some it is. We live in an overwhelming world full of messages of what we should look like, what we should be thinking, what we should be feeling and we can very easily lose touch with how extraordinary we are.

We are all individuals and yet our style can feel so generic. Often longing to feel contemporary, stylish and authentically ourselves but instead winding up feeling like we are nothing special, just wearing the same old clothes again, feeling a little less than fabulous.

But it’s time to change that tide and start to feel the magic again! I am here to show you how.

We get used to hiding behind a false perception that we put out there or tailoring our dressing depending on who we are meeting; living up to their expectations not our own. But I say start setting your own expectation, set the bar a little higher, hold yourself to a greater standard & start following these rules:

Start Impressing Yourself

It’s time to start embracing the things about you that make you truly you. Truly different from your best friend, different from your sister, different from who you were 10 years ago, different from society’s expectation of you.

I know though, It can often feel quite scary giving ourselves permission to step into ourselves and allow our clothes to shout ‘this is me’. Where do you start? How do we begin? Here, turn your focus to inspiring yourself, what you think about you matters & you are the expert in you!

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Small Things Matter

If you could wear one item of clothing that summed you up? What would that be? How could you do more of it in your daily wardrobe? Just a small addition of a brooch or a new lipstick colour or a creating a new combination of clothing can make all the difference to your look and most importantly your confidence.

It can be a very scary prospect of facing ourselves in the mirror, physically as well as metaphorically. However what I have learnt from working with women in their homes over the years is that with this bravery of looking inward and taking small steps to growing our confidence there comes an incredible realisation that there is so much to celebrate. Just wearing a forgotten piece of jewellery is often the first step to showcasing what has been hidden. Let the liberation commence.

Dress Smarter Than You Think

Why wait for someday? Make today extraordinary. Put on that blazer, wear that lippy, pull that summer dress out of the wardrobe and pop on a pair of trainers with it. Today is the day to feel fab and often when we give ourselves permission to dress smarter it gives us more scope to allow our personalities to shine. It’s hard to shine in our daily jeans and t-shirts. Tailored clothing celebrates and showcases our beauty.

‘It’ll Do’ is Banned

If ‘it’ll do’ then it definitely WON’T do! Design feeling great in your clothes by asking yourself how you want to feel at the start of the day. If you want to feel vibrant and energetic then may I suggest that the black oversized dress won’t do. Be mindful in what you wear and what makes you feel good and you’ll be amazed at the changes you will see.

It’s liberating, it’s exciting, it’s energising but you do have to show up for yourself and take action. I’ve learnt through many years of wishing and hoping that it wasn’t until I committed to the change I wanted that I then felt differently in my skin and I now see that with all the incredible women I work with. It’s amazing how quickly new habits can become so familiar to us.

If any of this rings true to you, then I’d love to hear from you, my bio is shown below and you can email me at or come find me on social: Instagram // Twitter // Facebook