I absolutely love this quote and when I stumbled across it, I felt that this powerful message was something I could apply to many different areas of my life. But today, I want to talk about it in reference to physical height. And discuss some of the shops that carry tall sizes so that every tall woman can be confident in being a “Stiletto in room full of flats”

At 5’10” or above, we tend to stand out from the crowd quite naturally, don’t we?!

Many people would like to be tall, and they probably don’t even know that us tall girls, at one time or another, have had to deal with our own insecurities about height. Cindy long legs, burnt toothpick, giraffe, scarecrow, sticks, beanpole, Cindy the beanstalk…. I could go on and on with the various names I was called when I was younger and as an adult. When I was I school, it bothered me until I heard my latest nickname… a GLAMAZON! Glamorous + Amazon (a tribe of fearless, women warriors) = Glamazon

This new name changed it all for me and I began to embrace my height and look at it in a more positive light! Then there was the clothes – more particularly pants (trousers for those of you across the pond). “Oohhh Cindy is floodin’… Look at those high water pants! HaHaHa” Some of you are probably nodding your head because you recognise the comments and also know what it is like to wear pants that are not long enough.

When I was in elementary and middle school in the 90s, there were hardly any stores that carried long inseams. I remember going to the mall with my mom and asking if they carried long inseams and the lady says “Oh yeah, we sure do!” Goes to the back and brings me a 34″ inseam flared pants! LOL! A 34″ inch inseam barely hit my ankle! We bought them anyway and the seam ripper became my new best friend…

It didn’t matter how small those hems of my jeans may have looked! In my mind, EVERY MILLIMETRE of  fabric made a difference! I let out all my hems, then at 14 years old, I discovered the online company that saved my life and I still shop there today – Alloy Apparel.  37″ inseam! I couldn’t believe it! Not only were they long and carried good brands, they had stretchy jeans! Today Alloy’s style is not only targeting teens but adults too and their inseam goes up to 39″. They consistently have sales and coupons so sign up for their emails. In addition to jeans, they have longer lengths in maxi dresses, skirts,tops and extended shoes sizes up to size US13.Cindy tall blogger Foreign Fresh Fierce Tall Fashion Tallguides Magazine Height tall guides tallgirls tall women

Images: Foreign, Fresh & Fierce

I have a list of stores over on my blog that sell longer inseams, some you may know and others that you may not have heard of or knew carried long sizes.

One of the hashtags that us tall folk like to use is#tallgirlproblems. Not only does it have negative connotations. It’s not encouraging to those who may still be struggling with embracing their height. So I want to replace it with #tallgirlsituationsAs tall women, we are always presented with different situations. BUT we find ways to deal with them (or I like to say – we find ways to “werk it out”) and continue to move forward. For me, the word situation sounds far less negative than the word problem.


We are faced with the situation of sleeves not being long enough, so we roll them up. Oh look, it’s now a fashion trend/style called 3/4 length sleeves!

We are faced with the situation where we can’t find a long enough inseam, so we may make a small cuff in the pant leg or just wear them with a pair of heels. Oh look, it’s now fashion trend/style called boyfriend jeans, crops, capris & ankle pants!

I truly believe that all of our #tallgirlsituations have started many fashion trends. So as Jesse Queen’s positive motto goes “Tall women dress well because of their height, not in spite of it!” Remember, you too are a glamazon. So stand tall and feel proud to be a stiletto in a room full of flats!

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