The first time it happened I knew I was never going to forget it. The feeling of my Mom, then my Dad, firmly pressing their thumbs in between my shoulder blades. Extending their fingers over my shoulders and pulling them back. That feeling will forever remind me of the mentality shift that came along with straightening out my posture and really growing tall.

Please don’t slouch, you weren’t given this height to hide it“. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens, early twenties that I understood the visual and emotional response that my height was able to draw out of others. And my parents were right. It wasn’t meant to be hidden.

Not only that, but as I got older, it became physically painful to do anything but sit and stand with a straight back. Although it was an easy habit to fall back in to, my posture was beginning to take its toll on my neck and lower back. However, something I saw at college changed my outlook forever and I finally understood…

While sitting at a watering hole on campus, my eyes locked in on a beautiful, tall girl as she walked by with friends. Her head was thrown back and she was laughing to the sky. I couldn’t help but smile at her obvious joy. Then only seconds later, when the laughter died down, she shrunk her whole body down as well. It was as if the laughter had pulled all the energy out of her. She transformed from a stand out beacon of light and stature, to a shadow of her former self. Bent and distorted. Her rounded shoulders had morphed her into the opposite of the tall, elegant woman she was just moments before. carrie'd away themelindacarrie melinda posture standtall tallguides tallguidesmagazineThe whole scene made me sad, and somewhat angry. Couldn’t she see how statuesque she looked when she was standing upright? I wish I could’ve taken a picture and showed her just how different she looked before and after the big slouch.

It was in that moment that I realised just how much power there is in standing tall, regardless of your natural height. It not only shows others that you’re in tune with your body’s natural posture, it also says “I’m confident and ready to take on the world”

A strong stance doesn’t just covey physical strength but also mental and emotional strength. Whereas, slouching does the exact opposite. It makes you small. It physically shrinks you. Not to mention the horrible things it does to your neck, torso and lower back.

The simple act of rolling your shoulders back can transform you into the biggest presence in the room; regardless of height.

Don’t believe me?

Give it a try and see how quickly people respond.

Tall Guides Takeaway

1. A flat back helps build a flat stomach by engaging your core and tightening your abs (major plus!).

2. If you want to know where your shoulders naturally sit; roll them back three times and on the third roll, wherever they stop is where they should be.

3. If you have good posture, it prevents fatigue. This  because muscles are being used more efficiently, this results in the body using less energy.

You can connect with Melinda via the links on her bio or visit her blog, Carrie’d Away

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