Happy Autumn everyone, it’s time to add colour to your Fall Wardrobe.

When you go shopping, what’s the reason why you always go for black, navy or grey?

… because you feel more comfortable in those colours? The colours are easy to style? You feel that those colours flatter your body shape? You don’t want to think about planning your outfit? They make you blend in?

Now that autumn is here, I want to show you different ways you can add a splash of colour to your existing wardrobe.

Editor of Tall Guides Magazine, Sallee Poinsette-Nash, is not known for her colourful clothes. Her signature look is sunglasses, scarves & a LOT OF BLACK – occasionally mixing it up with muted tones. As part of our giveaway month I wanted to take this opportunity to see if I could change that so I took her on a shopping trip to Oxford Street in London and created different looks for her to introduce colour into her existing wardrobe.

As a personal stylist I always head to the shops before I meet a client to check what they have in store and get my pieces together. I do this so that its a smooth ride for my clients and that way we can go straight to the fitting room. For this shopping trip I headed to Topshop. We’re both women and Topshop is perfect because it has a tall department alongside other brands and their standard store range. Whilst browsing, I came across some great pieces that I knew would suit Sallee perfectly and that would definitely be out her comfort zone. The aim of this trip wasn’t to stay in her comfort zone, I wanted to show her how colour can make you feel and how a touch of colour can transform a simple look.

It was amazing to finally meet the most inspirational, empowering woman who is behind everything that goes into creating such an uplifting platform for tall women and get to style her. She was so lovely! As we headed into Topshop I wanted to show her the items I picked out before trying them on to see what she thought. Her response to most items was “I would never pick that” and I replied “but you will try it on!” I always tell my clients to try the items on before making a decision. Trust me, trying something on that you normally wouldn’t choose can make a big difference in the changing room!

With our items in hand we headed to the fitting room, I knew what I wanted her to try on first!Zodie Styles Sallee Poinsette-Nash tall shopping giveaway topshop tallEvery woman needs some black smart trousers and a formal blue shirt but why go for what everyone else will go for… upgrade your blue shirt to a pin stripe structured off the shoulder one like the one Sallee has on here. This shirt was from the tall department so the length and fit was perfect for her figure, very smart for work meetings or for a more casual look with a pair of jeans and white trainers.

For the second outfit I went for a casual outfit, I picked up this red and navy stripe top, some smart trousers and casual trainer sliders. This red and black blazer caught my eye as soon as I got into the store, it came with matching stripe pants which looked amazing (Sallee looked horrified!)

My top tip for when your sleeves are short: add a long sleeve top/shirt underneath so that the sleeves show to add an extra inch.

I think we saved the best outfit till last. This outfit was my favourite, the green trench coat was gorgeous and so I paired it with this white shirt for a classic look. I added a personal touch and transformed this jacket by rolling up the sleeves to accentuate the detail of these statement sleeves.

I was sad that our shopping trip was over as I wanted to continue all day but it wasn’t over just yet… A shopping trip is never complete without a cup of coffee and a hot chocolate!

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Sallee’s feedback from the shopping trip:

I haven’t had the pleasure of working with a personal stylist before. Zodie and I hit the High Street so she could show me how to add a splash of colour to my existing wardrobe. I wear a UK 14-16 / US 10-12 and everything she selected flattered my figure. Zodie was brilliant at opening up my mind to different options and we had a lot of fun as she effortlessly put together lots of different outfit combinations. There were some hits… there were some misses but we had a lot of fun and it was good to experiment with different colours! It probably won’t surprise you to hear that this off-the-shoulder blue shirt was a hit. In fact, I loved it so much that it ended up coming home with me.

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