I have a confession to make. Despite being tall (6ft in flat shoes), most of my wardrobe did not come from tall retailers / ranges. I buy my trousers and leggings from Long Tall Sally, Next’s tall range, and Marks & Spencers’ tall range. But I prefer dresses and skirts, and those along with my tops are very much from standard ranges.

Here’s why

I find most “Tall” dresses, skirts, and tops lack a defined waist, so they don’t flatter my body shape. The tops and dresses almost all have crew or round necklines, slash-necklines, or high v-necklines, which are nowhere as flattering on me as low v-necklines and low scoop-necklines.

Then we come to colour…sigh. Where are the bright colours? My body and mind cry out for emerald / forest green, fuchsia, bright red, crisp ivory, cobalt blue, and hot pink. Instead I am presented with black, greys, browns, navy blue, khaki green, green so dark it’s nearly black, muted orange, and pale pinks.

More Colour Please

Anyone who is designing a tall clothing range (tops, dresses) and reads this: please, please, no more all black clothing ranges. No more mostly black ranges with a few greys, whites, and dark blues. I can understand the need for neutrals and dark colours for trousers and leggings, but even there can a girl get some bright colours for summer? And can we get some clothes with sexy details please, like black leatherette trousers with buckles?Tall Fashion retailers body sharpe colourful clothes Maria Tall Guides Magazine tallguides

Images from left to right: 1. Fuchsia Midi Skirt with Pockets £22.73 2. Red Midi Skirt with Pockets £22.73 3. Longline Funnel Coat £99.00 4. Cashmere-Blend Wrap Front coat £329.00 5. Blue Cut Out Long Sleeve Top £18.00 6. Check Print Longline Shirtdress £22.00

Tall Is Not A Body Shape

When will the fashion industry recognise that “Tall” is not a body shape? I could line up 5 tall women and there would be a pear shape, inverted triangle shape, hourglass / vase shape, apple shape, and column / rectangular shape. Why is it that the last one (column / rectangular) dominates tall fashion ranges?

This is why I have several skirts from Nife – a Polish brand that does a variety of skirts in different styles and colours. I have their A-line midi skirts in pink and red, which flatter my vase / hourglass shape. I also have a lot of tops from Jane Norman because they do low v-neckline and scoop neckline tops. Whenever I’m in the US I am impressed by how many more colour options they have in their clothes – on my last visit I picked up two A-line dresses for work – one in a pink, purple shade, and another in bright forest green.

Winter Coats

Moving on to coats, jackets, blazers – again here I agree that neutral colours can dominate. Bring on the black, charcoal, camel, cream, etc. But occasionally let’s throw in a blush pink, bright red, bright forest green, or magenta coat.

All my winter coats are black. They’re cut with defined waists AND they have belts –  something I’ve rarely seen in a tall range. I picked up the newest one for £99 from Warehouse two weeks ago, on one of my “Let’s have a quick looksie” jaunts in the Canary Wharf – London branch.

I get it that no retailer can please everyone. But the world of tall fashion seems pretty unbalanced in favour of women who like and/or suit certain colours. As well as and ones that have column / rectangular body shapes.tallguides share it