Say hello to our newest contributor! Over the coming weeks and months, Christina will be sharing her health & wellbeing advice, her tall pilates expertise (yes, please!) and her travel adventures with us all over on the Wellbeing pages.

I’m Christina, a 6ft Pilates instructor, mama to a beautiful 2 yr old boy and a travel lover. I run my own business with a studio in my home, which gives me the flexibility to shut up shop and travel the world whenever I can.

Before my son came a long I worked crazy 60+ hour weeks. But on the flip side of that I went off travelling for eight weeks at a time. Exploring the world on my own. Challenging myself in lots of ways AND trying out different fitness classes whenever and wherever I could.

Now with my son, I work less hours, however still take us off around the world whenever possible. In my son’s two short years on this planet we’ve been to the USA, Japan, Bali, Sri Lanka, Spain, Ireland and Amsterdam.tall pilates tall girl fitness tallguides tallguidesmagazine height posture magazineI have learnt, in the last five years particularly, that everything is about balance. Balance of work and play. Finding a balance of healthy living versus really living without restricting everything all the time. Balance of being with my son whenever ever possible versus still working enough to show him how his mother is a strong woman able to set a good example… and of course to be able to show him the world.

I used to think of my height as a hindrance, 6ft at 13 years old wasn’t so fun! Standing out for being different at school is fodder for bullying, but now I’ve learnt to embrace it. There are so many pros to being tall that the cons, those elusive long jeans and nice shoes for big feet, have become less important as I’ve got older.

After all, good posture is a bi-product of the job I love doing for a living. So standing head and shoulders above a lot of people is like advertising for me!

You can connect with Christina via her website or by clicking the links on her author profile