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This is all a bit a bit tongue in cheek but given that various polls, including those undertaken by OK Cupid and beautifulpeople.com, suggest that height is one of the most frequent features online daters lie about on their profiles… we want to see is there a way you can you figure out how tall he really is?

As any of you who have tried it will know that online dating has its pros and cons. Being a tall girl will more than often not, mean that being honest about your height is an endearing quality, guaranteed to get you off to a good start. Whether you have a height preference or not, it’s likely that you’ll want to know whether you’re being told the truth. An article in the Guardian backs up the claims that height is one of the most frequent lies people tell online so if you’ve just bagged a hottie and it’s all looking good, you’ll want to know… is he really 6’3”?

Some may just come out with it and ask the question but most of us will have experienced the ‘How tall are you’ question and may be keen to avoid it. If you don’t want to ask but you do want to know, here’s a few tricks that may help you find out before you commit to meeting him in real life.

1. Compare him to random objects in his pictures

If he doesn’t give you people to work with, compare him to that tree in the background, the bike in the foreground or the table he’s standing near.

2. Checkout his group photos

This is an obvious one! How tall is he compared to his friends? Is he sitting down or standing on anything? Check the length of his arms and legs. Do they show similar proportions to your long limbs or do they look more like his shorter friends in the photo?tall dating tall guys online dating tallguides magazine

3. Ask who his celebrity doppelganger is

Is it someone tall or short?

4. Analyse the pictures he’s posting.

Are they all solo pics so you can’t compare him to anyone?

5. How does he measure up?!

tall dating tall guys online dating tallguides magazine

This may be a little OTT and it’s definitely one for the more mathematically minded! Get a ruler then measure how tall your tallest and shortest friends are in pictures on your phone. Next, create a measurement scale (for example, 2 centimetres on phone = 1 feet in real life), and then use this on pictures of him.

6. Take a short cut

If math isn’t your strong point, there’s an easier way! The lovely people at TapTapSoft have come up with the Measure Height App! With this app you can use your iPhone to measure the person’s height within seconds. It is accurate and easy to use.

7. Ask him what his rapper name would be

If he’s “Lil” anything, he’s probably short. If he’s “Big” something, he’s probably tall.

8. Ask how tall his family are

His Mum, Dad, Siblings… You’re not technically asking how tall he is and it may give you some clues!

9. Ask what sports he played in schooltall dating tall guys online dating tallguides magazine

Basketball?! *TALL GUY ALERT*

10. It’s worth mentioning that stalking WON’T get you the guy!

So you think you’ve hit the jackpot because you cropped the guy’s face out, google image searched him, found his facebook (winning with weak security) and located his address. Before you grab your coat and head over to his house with a tape measure to see how tall he really is, please know that it is time to STOP!

Yes, height may be important but love knows nothing of height! True love has no height restrictions. And even if he’s embellished his with a few extra inches, don’t rule him out just yet. Get to know him, see how you vibe and keep an open mind because you really never know when serendipity is going to strike!

Whether you’re new to the dating scene, re-entering, or are a serial dater, we’ve got 8 tall dating tips that’ll help you up your game. Rachel dishes out some great advice in her digital dating survival guide for tall women & we’d love to hear your dating stories over in our #teamtall facebook group

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