The struggle is real! Finding long enough jeans at 5’11 can be a challenge and when you add a curvier bottom-half, even skinny jeans can become an issue! Don’t get me wrong there is a lot more available now than previously but online seems to have the best options and I still feel you should be able to walk into a number of shops and see petite, tall, curvier ranges to cater to everyone. I would say my top shops/online for the perfect fit and length jeans are:

TOPSHOP : Joni Jeanstall jeans

The great thing about Topshop Tall Jeans is that they do the same style jeans in so many colours. For me this is important because once I find a fit I love, it’s time to get it in every pattern and colour going! My favourite style jean is Joni – they have just the right amount of stretch in them so you never feel like your circulation is being cut off! The length I chose is L34 and if you’re a tall girl looking for a new denim option, I’d highly recommend trying them out.

RIVER ISLAND : Black Molly Reform Jeggings

tall fashion

These are actually described as jeggings but they feel and look like a jean – plus they have rose gold detail which I absolute LOVE! These Molly Reform Jeggings are in RI tall section and as a mid-rise style; they stay where they should be. There’s lots of stretch in the fabric and they are so comfy!

ASOS : Tall Jeans & Denim

asos tall

I’m currently living in Singapore and being tall there aren’t that many stores where I can get my hands on long dresses and jeans, so for me ASOS is a life saver! Their tall section is the best out there for variety. These are high-waisted and with just the right amount of stretch, they fit me so well. I’ve had these for a while now and I know ASOS have changed their stock but they always have a huge selection on their website with lots of different denim options.

So this is my top 3 from over in Singapore. I’d love to hear which brands you turn to for tall girl jeans, please leave me a comment below and remember; stand tall and be proud of your height 🙂