The biggest names in fashion gathered in Paris last weekend to marvel at the work of the world’s greatest couturiers and their teams of skilled artisans. This year’s Haute Couture Week took place from 2-6 July; unveiling the Fall-Winter 2017-2018 Haute Couture collections to the world’s most devoted – and wealthiest – high-fashion consumers.

Haute Couture Fashion Week was once a sacred institution reserved for the createurs who were awarded the fiercely protected haute couture label. Following strict guidelines, first outlined in 1945 (when more than 100 houses bore the label), each accredited maison is required to have an in-house atelier in which garments are custom-fitted to clients. Today only 15 brands with this distinction remain. The couture winds of change are blowing and this season, a line-up of ready-to-wear names appeared on the schedule – elected by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode as “guest members” for the week.

Sustained by a few thousand global elite (who appear unfazed by price tags in the hundreds of thousands), the couture collections have long existed outside of the pace and pressure of the commercial sales cycle. Not only are the couture shows the fashion industry’s opportunity to show off its most elegant and striking creations, it give us – the non-global elite – insight into the next season’s fashion trends. So what has AW17 got instore?

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Image source: Vogue

From glowing skin and foil lips to gold headbands and hair, the July shows were all about decadent golden accents! The low-slung ponytail also made an appearance… over and over again. Great news for those of us with long hair as it’s such an easy style to pull off! Pair this with poppy red lips and you’ll be bang on trend this winter.

We’ve found a quick and easy hair tutorial that combines both of these trends without breaking the bank.

Break Out The Boots

Say bonjour to sensible footwear that every tall girl can rock! Dare we call the Haute Couture shows at Paris this week practical? Ornate gowns were balanced with below-the-knee and over-the-knee boots. The thought of throwing on a pair of comfy boots this autumn is certainly music to our ears but this welcome trend is anything but boring…

Designers waved their artisan wands adding striking finishing touches to their tall boots. There were metallic finishes, two-tone colourways and matching hues. We couldn’t be happier that these high-end labels infused their couture collections with a more pragmatic sensibility!couture fashion tall women tallgirls tallfashion fashion tallguides magazine tallguidesmagazine aw17

Image source : Vogue

On a budget and want to keep up with the trends? There is an abundance of DIY tricks to revive an old pair of shoes or boots. YouTube tutorials hold the key. Whether you just want those gold accents on the heel or the whole shoe; there’s always a way to add a bit of glitz and glamour! To get the inspiration flowing, check out this quick video.


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