Tall Guides Magazine hosts a global conversation about fashion, lifestyle, work and wellbeing with an inspiring international community of like-heighted women. Since launching as a community in 2016, TALL GUIDES has successfully carved out its place online as an intelligent, encouraging and inspiring resource for tall women; and that is a strategy we are determined to continue.

TallGuides.com is our online magazine delivering an intelligent and creative mix of fashion, lifestyle and thought-provoking features to the taller female every week. Our exceptional team of contributors are talented bloggers, writers, artists, coaches and experts, all of whom have built relevant and meaningful relationships with an audience who think, feel and often look, just like they do.

Tall Guides Quarterly is our digital magazine delivering fashion, style, lifestyle, work and wellbeing along with a healthy dose of tall confidence into our subscribers inboxes every three months. We also distribute Tall Guides Quarterly via our online shop, where readers can easily download their free copy of the magazine. We also publish tall-friendly guides and directories; always with the aim of adding value to our readers’ lives.Tall Guides Magazine Quarterly Fashion Lifestyle tallgirls teamtall

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Our online distribution means that we are able to offer a variety of creative solutions to our advertisers; whether it’s featuring on our website, in our digital magazine or in one of our specialist guides. We want to create exciting opportunities to tap into the inspire & add value ethos of the Tall Guides brand and its loyal and passionate readership.

For a copy of our rate card, media pack or to chat about how your brand can contribute to the conversation we’re having with women, please email theteam@tallguides.com

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