1 TGM ANNOUNCEMENT : SO LONG BUT NOT FAREWELL - Tall Guides Magazine for Tall Women

“Sometimes life brings you full circle to a place you have been before just to show you how much you have grown”

And this is exactly what’s happened with Tall Guides Magazine.

In 2016 I started this Tall Guides journey, and subsequently created the magazine, in response to a feeling that I’d been keeping myself small. My struggles with confidence were those of a 15 year old girl who grew too fast, too soon. I longed to fit in, to be like my teenage friends and these feelings somehow became part of my subconscious, travelling with me into adulthood. In hindsight, they influenced who I believed I was as well as how visible I chose to be. But by focusing my attention on being tall, I began to understand what a major impact this had actually had on me.

Let’s fast forward to today, two years on from the point in time when I decided to embark on ‘My Tall Year‘. I’m extremely proud of the fact that Tall Guides has become the world’s fastest growing magazine for tall women, it has welcomed over half a million users into its online home, hosted gatherings in 3 continents and done a lot of good along the way. Our team of over 35 contributors have shared insight and knowledge with a like-heighted group of women and the #teamtall community on Facebook continues to thrive.

Having reflected on this incredible journey, I’ve come to accept that the decision I made to stop keeping myself small has come full circle and the irony is… Tall Guides Magazine has turned into the thing that is now keeping me small!

What do I mean by this?

Well, the process of making Tall Guides Magazine a reality is no easy task. It takes an immense amount of time and effort and it no longer feels like a creative endeavour. It’s a beast and it constantly needs feeding! It’s no longer fun sitting at a laptop in every spare moment I can grab around my work, friends, family and life commitments. I’ve put in thousands of hours to make the magazine happen but working through the night most weekends and only getting a few hours of sleep is not how I want my story to go.

Life is there for living, for experiencing, for creating and for me, that is now being compromised. The lesson I’m taking away from this is that keeping yourself small on any level, is never a good idea. Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, this life is your opportunity to be and do whatever you chose. It’s your masterpiece. And as I continue to evolve, that’s something I’ll be taking with me.

Walking away from anything that is doing so well is never easy… but I know that this is the right choice. Tall Guides Magazine is finishing on a high and for now (and with a few tweaks), the website will stay live so that you (and other women who may stumble across the site) can continue to browse through hundreds of empowering articles and an abundance of inspiring content.

The social media channels will shortly be switching over to become my personal accounts…and despite the fact that I genuinely don’t even feel tall anymore (thanks to all the wonderful women I’ve met along the way), I still stand at 6’2 and am therefore considered a tall woman!

The #teamtall community on Facebook will stay as it is. It’s important that we have a safe and positive place to connect and share with other tall women from all around the world and it is something that I intend to keep in my life indefinitely! I’ve recently returned from a trip to California, somewhere I used to call home, and thanks to this online community, I had the privilege of being able to meet up with so many tall women for coffee, lunch, dinner and even a life-changing road trip…

Yes, this is turning out to be a sad day for Tall Guides Magazine but every single day is a great day to stand tall. Being different is a luxury that we’re gifted with and standing out is most certainly the new fitting in.

I am so grateful to all of our contributors, readers and everyone that has crossed my path. You’re beautiful human beings and I feel very lucky to have been on this adventure with you all. It’s been an incredible journey so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

It’s been AMAZING ladies… see you over in #teamtall

Sallee x

From here on in, you can find me in the #teamtall facebook group and connect with me via my personal website www.salleepoinsettenash.com or via @SalleeSpeaks on social media.