I love keeping up with the fashion trends. It is exciting to see all of the new and repeat fashions presenting an opportunity to refresh your wardrobe.  I only recently realised that some of today’s popular trends have actually been inspired by the things us tall girls have struggled with for decades.

The fashion industry seems to find inspiration in our struggles, it sell us our struggles, and yet doesn’t provide us taller than average girls with enough options to relieve our struggles!

After some recent window shopping, I had an idea to ask my fellow tall women about the trends that we’re just not buying into, simply because they are things we’ve naturally struggled with due to a lack of height friendly options. I’m not going to lie, I am guilty of loving a few of these trends now that they are popular. Here are 7 Fashion Trends Inspired By Tall Girl Struggles;

1. Cropped Trousers/Pants and Tops

If you are not careful you could look like Baby Huey with the wrong outfit. Don’t get me wrong, crop tops with high waisted jeans or a skirt are two of my favourite looks but if you want to rock this trend, remember that it’s all about proportion.

2. Ankle Pants and Jeans

These are essentially, high waters and I used to hate being asked if it was raining outside, LOL.

If, like me, you’re working on a budget; here are a couple of tall-friendly denim alternatives;

talltique Heightgoddess tallguides theeastonthewest akia

Left: 37″ & 39″ Whitney Skinny Jean in Rust, $29.99 (reduced from $129.00), Height Goddess and Right: 35” & 37″ Boyfriend Jeans $50.00, Talltique (Click here to see me wearing the Talltique boyfriend jeans)

3. Short Shorts

It might just be that I’m getting older but these days, it seems like shorts keep getting shorter. Cheeks are on view everywhere (but then again, I am in California!). When I was younger, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about wearing shorts to school. My long legs automatically made shorts look like inappropriate denim underwear but things have changed for the better.

These elegant olive ASOS Tall Tailored Shorts with Self Tie are a steal at £22.00

4. ¾ Length Sleeves

This was definitely just a sleeve struggle for us tall girls and now it’s everywhere. I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as ¾ length when I spent all those year pushing and rolling up my sleeves. If you want to follow the ¾ length, you don’t even have to shop at the specialist tall stores.

5. Exaggerated Long Sleeves

This one is fairly new and as a tall women you may be unfamiliar with the concept; it’s when tops have extra long sleeves that hang pass the hand. These may be the sleeves we’ve been longing for all our lives and I really hope they don’t turn out to be a fad! tall tops long sleeves tallguides

Left: Off Shoulder Tunic Sweater, $16.99 (reduced from $39.90) at Alloy Apparel Right: Long Sleeve Printed Slash Neck Top, £15.00 (reduced from £20) at Long Tall Sally

6. Tunics

These were just short dresses. So we threw on over leggings to cover up everything that wasn’t covered by the dress. Now the tunic top and sweater has very much become a fashion trend. I love the blush tunic top (above) from Alloy Apparel as it’s got the tunic and exaggerated long sleeves trends rolled into one elegant sweater!

7. Mini skirts

All I need to say is that I always failed the skirt length (fingertip) test when I wore a regular skirt to school. Every skirt was a mini skirt. If this is a trend that you’d love to wear and you don’t want to hit the mall or the high street to borrow off the short team; there are lots of well proportioned mini-skirts on offer from fast-fashion retailers. Check out ASOS Tall, New Look Tall and Topshop Tall for starters.

topshop tall skirts tallguides

Above: Topshop offer a wide range of mini skirts in their tall range, all for around £30

So as we tall girls continue to create and re-create fashion trends, there is always going to be someone out there taking the fashion credit for what we have been wearing all of our lives.

Stand Tall and Stay True!

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If you're tall, which of these 'inspired by tall girl struggles' fashion trends would you avoid like the plague?