As an avid fashion fan, I love to read all about the latest looks from the catwalk and follow the trends as best I can. For obvious reasons this is easier said than done! I’ve always been drawn to beautiful things and love to watch shows that highlight amazing buildings, art, clothing, furniture and places.

I shop online but I know that businesses pay a lot of money to make their product photos irresistible. I can’t count how many returns I have made because when the latest order has turned up; it is not beautiful – the fabric, the texture, the colour, the flow and the fit all have to match up for me and sadly it rarely does. I am often guilty of buying items which are too beautiful. Things which I know will never fit me but it is almost like I need them to remind me that beautiful items are out there. This is probably where I should be signing myself up for Shoppers Anonymous!

There is something bizarre when it comes to tall girl clothes. I find it so strange that fashion is often modelled by tall women and yet when it comes to the point of sale, fashion isn’t made to fit us?!  Over the years, I have honed my skills in knowing which stores I can use to get the trends from the catwalks into my life and there are only a few.tall fashion trends tallguidesUnderstandably, from a business perspective tall collections often tend to consist of staple items, in a bland colour palette.  Whilst I applaud the women who rock these muted tones, for there is no doubt they always look stylish, I cannot stop myself from wanting colour. I need it as balm to my soul, to raise me when my own spirit isn’t up to the challenge.  Often the answer is to accessorize the trend to within an inch of its life. Yet even though accessories are one of the only items we can count on to fit us, for me it is not always enough.

Since becoming a mum practicality has sadly overtaken accessories.  Bags are always cross body, as 2 hands are rarely enough let alone 1.  Spillage is also to be considered so wipeable materials are preferred.  Shoes need to be flat, as running after toddlers in heels is downright lethal. Scarves are used to strangle you, with love of course! Or they can get trapped in car doors as you rush on to the next place… Need I go on!

Frumpy mum is easy to come by when reduced to such limits, yet still I read the catwalk report, follow the fashion week news and trawl the shops in desperate hope of finding that elusive item that’ll lift my heart with its on trend credentials.

I console myself that as my children grow older, beautiful items will once again enter my life. And I am hopeful. The tall community is finding its voice; we are beginning to demand what we deserve. And we are no longer happy to be left to muddle through or make our own. We’re not willing to continue rolling up our sleeves, wearing dresses as a tops or suffering cold ankles.

Thankfully, diversity is now coming into fashion; it’s a trend that was made for us and we’re so ready for it.