For me, these stories I write up are experiences and moments I never thought I would have because I’m guilty of not always believing myself. Although I think that can be said for most people. It is part of being human. So far in my journey I have met me that are genuinely interested in what I am doing, and others that blow me off, and treat me like I am lesser. The tale I am about to share with you now is about two very different people I met, with very different stories, that ended up being genuinely interested in what I am doing, and made feel like I am going to make a positive difference in people’s lives. So here goes.

Yesterday at work I encountered some interesting people. Before I go any further, I need to let you know that right now I work at a chiropractic clinic, no matter how aggravating it may be to work for someone else, while I work towards starting my fashion line for tall women. If you want to know how working on starting this business makes me feel sometimes, look up ‘head banging keyboard’ gif on the web.

Anyway, the first interesting person I met was a lady who had decided to take an extra long lunch to be able to come in and get adjusted, she was tall. It took me a few minutes to ask her how tall she was because I hate when people ask me that question. Most tall people do. I finally worked up the gumption to ask her, and she said six foot. I was so excited! So I decided to pimp myself out. This is always difficult for because I am awkward, and prefer keeping to myself, but I am working towards starting a business, and living in a universe where comfort zone is not, is a necessity.

Back to the lady I was talking with. I explained to her that I was not asking to intrusive or irritating, but to let her know that I am working towards starting a fashion line for tall women. The excitement that passed over her face, and started to radiate from her was amazing! She walked right over to me and started asking questions! I was so happy! Talking to someone that was genuinely interested was an enjoyable and welcome change. She asked me why I decided to start this, and I answered, “To solve my own problem, and to help all the other tall women out there who have to go on a two week search for buried treasure, and then are only able to find something that kind of fits.”

I gave her one of my cards, and she went onto the facebook I have set, and liked the page right there. I did happy dance inside. If I had actually done it for her to see, she probably would have looked at me like I was an alien, ran away, and unliked my page. That would have been bad. So internal happy dance. She also said she would be telling her friends about what I working on. We will see if that actually happens. *Crosses fingers*tall fashion startup tall women tallgirls tall community tallguides tall guides magazine heightThe second interesting person I met was an older gentlemen who walked into the clinic. The first thing he said to me when he walked in was, “Oh, tall girl, I approve.” It made me smile a little, because it is a truly rare, and astounding occurrence in my life that my height is good thing, and not something that makes me the centre of ridicule. It also made me feel a little strange because he was in his fifties. When he came back from getting adjusted, he stopped at my desk and started talking to me. He asked how tall I am, then he went on to talk about his current wife, who is six foot tall, and has the worst time finding anything that fits her. He also told me how he has always been into tall women. He continued, explaining how his first wife, who was almost five foot eleven, whom he had been married to for twenty-five plus years, died of pancreatic cancer. The more I learned about this man, the more interesting he became, and the strange feeling I had evaporated.

Our conversation continued on, and we eventually got to how I am working on starting a fashion line for tall women. I know I repeat that a lot, but it bears repeating. It is important. He was as excited, maybe even more excited, than the woman I had previously spoken with.

He wanted to know how far along I am, what I was planning to make, and how long it would be before my line was open for business. I told him I am having patterns made right now specifically for tall women, that I am in the beginning stages, but I am working my ass off to get everything started. I did not say that exactly, but it seemed appropriate here. I handed him one of my business cards, and told him about the few places I am able to find clothing. I know that a lot of people will think that giving business to other places is a bad idea, but it is not. If I am able to help them now, while I am in the startup phase, they will remember me later on, and come back and buy from my business. Customer acquisition right there baby.

He said he would pass this information onto his wife, and that he would also go like my facebook page. It looks like he has done both so far, which is amazing.

So as far as stories of a fashion startup go, this one is less dramatic in ways than my last one, but tomorrow has yet to come, so here goes! I’ll be back soon with more stories from my fashion startup journey…

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