Like many of us, Meghan Evans has always struggled to find clothes that fit her tall frame well. She’d buy mediums and larges for extra length, but the clothing would hang boxy and loose. She moved to D.C. in 2015 to work as a lawyer and that problem was only amplified. So 5’ 10” Evans decided to take matters into her own hands, and created her own tall fashion line.

“I have struggled to find clothes that are both long enough and proportional for my tall frame, especially when it comes to workwear. But, the confidence that comes with the perfect fitting, quality garment is always worth the search, and this is why I was inspired to design and launch this line.”

Each item in the collection was designed to fill a hole in her own closet; pieces she wanted, but could not find in tall sizes. For its debut this month, she sticks to the business-casual classics: A pink tweed blazer, a blue peplum top, and a textured knit dress. The line is about pieces that are classic with an unexpected twist which keeps them fun to wear, easy to mix and match, and in style for years to come.

Evans has always loved fashion, purchasing dresses on-sale that would be too short for her and having them tailored into custom tops. But she never thought her style savvy could translate into anything other than a hobby. That is until she realized she had a unique insight into what constituted well-made, frame-fitting clothing for professional women of taller height.

Still, she was a lawyer, not a tall fashion designer.

So Evans purchased a few books on sketching fashion designs, found a local seamstress in D.C. and began consulting with her, bringing in pieces from her own wardrobe to provide examples and instruction. Trips to trade shows and fabric stores in New York’s Garment District followed, and Evans polled fellow tall friends and scoured online clothing reviews for market research.

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Her law background came in handy for the business side of things, such as selecting her corporate structure, registering her line and completing the paperwork for it to be incorporated. Plus, it helped her be more judicious in her business planning. “It just makes you very aware and forward-looking,” she says. “Before I take one step, I’m always thinking ten steps beyond.”

Of course, starting one’s own business is a risk itself but it is one she’s prepared to take. Evans has now quit her job at a D.C. law firm to pursue her fashion line full-time.

Meghan’s clothing line for tall women is designed and manufactured in Washington, DC. Her winter line is currently in the works and will debut later this year, which Evans says will be filled with darker colours and more patterns.

More about Meghan Evans

The debut collection is available on her website, and Evans has plans in the works for pop-up shops. You can show your support and follow her progress on Facebook and Instagram.

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