My Tall Dating Series and I made an appearance on the Meet the Team page this week and I wanted to introduce myself properly, so here goes…

So here I am, deep in my thirties and by myself. My marriage ended rather unexpectedly earlier this year. The ex-husband moved out pretty quickly, and the months that followed were full of the textbook ‘being left by your husband stuff’.

Binge-watching Gilmore Girls whilst eating nothing but chocolate and drinking wine, reorganising my home, installing a meditation app, going to yoga classes, crying on my friend’s sofas over and over again wondering what the rest of my life was going to be like. Feeling sorry for myself, and getting caught up in angry ‘my life is better without you’ episodes with a similar choice of music.Tall Dating Series Tallgirl teamtall tall single woman tallguides magazine tall community tall guidesI am finally reaching to a state of acceptance where I know I can handle this and in time, I’ll look back at this knowing that it was the right decision. Now, there is just me. There is freedom and adventures ahead. I have a job I love, I have no kids, I have a small but cute place to call home, I have wonderful friends and I love my city.

I can eat crisps for dinner without getting judgemental looks, book trips to places without asking if he’d like that too, drop my clothes on the floor without getting chased to pick them up, and sing in the shower at 5am should I wish to do so.

Of course, this also means that the dating scene is open again. I am not ready for anything serious, and I’d actually prefer to be by myself for now, but a bit of flirting, exploring and having fun can’t do any harm. Last time I did this I was in my twenties, so I wonder what dating will be like at this point in my life. So, every 2 weeks, I’ll share my adventures as a tall, single girl… well, woman really, who am I kidding at my age? 😉

You can call me Anna. That’s not my real name, but my family, my ex and any potential hot prospects don’t really need to know what I’m up to. This weekend, I’ll be sharing Episode One of My Tall Dating Series – First Kisses

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