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…When he texted me earlier, I naively didn’t read anything into his compliment about my dress. I guess I’m not switched on like that yet. I’ve been so focused on getting my head around the whole break up thing.

Suddenly, I feel a subtle but very present change in the atmosphere. We often look each other in the eye a bit too long, and we’re getting flirtatious.

This hotel is swamped with people we both know, and we’re both fed up with conference people, so he suggests we move to his balcony and order a bottle of wine from room service. When I get up from my seat, I remember the height difference; I don’t care about this, but I do notice.

We get to his room, I kick off my shoes and make myself comfy on the balcony whilst he orders wine. He joins me outside and we talk about work, relationships, life. Slowly and carefully, he touches my hand. I know what is going to happen next, I probably already knew that when I walked into his room, but I want to enjoy this energy building up for a bit longer.Tall Dating Series tallguides tallgirls crossing borders tall guides magazine heightHe moves his chair closer to mine. Then we hug, I don’t remember why, but we do. At this point, there’s no going back and we kiss. I know that I don’t want this to end and he doesn’t want that either. I haven’t felt like this for a long time, and it feels good.

After months of feeling miserable, I’m ready for this, so I decide to stay the night with him and I’m not feeling guilty about it.

The next morning, I wake up with his arm around me. Though it’s very weird to wake up next to someone else, I’m happy I stayed. I feel I made a much-needed next step in the emotional healing process.

Mr Consultant has to leave for the airport, and given that he lives on a different continent, it’s likely that I will not see him again anytime soon and we both know this.

I walk with him to the hotel entrance, we wait for his taxi, and we kiss goodbye.

Within a few minutes after he has left, he texts me.

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