source url It’s Friday, we have leaving drinks for a colleague today which I totally forgot about. I’m wearing a shitty outfit as I felt meh when I woke up and I had no inspiration to put together a nice outfit, and I should have washed my hair too. The day drags on, finally it’s 5pm. We go to the bar close to our office location and we’re all having a good time. After a while, people start leaving and it’s just 4 of us left. We decide to go another place downtown, so we grab our stuff and head out.

The next bar is packed. There are loads of banker / lawyer type people here, letting their hair down before heading into the weekend. We’re sharing one of those high tables (which are never at the right height, always too low or too high) with a group of young guys (in their 20’s type young), just starting their careers and being rather full of themselves, but in a funny, sarcastic type of way. I’m talking to one of them for a bit and he is really funny.

The evening progresses, and these puppies are still at our table, they clearly find us as entertaining as we find them. We’re dancing and I notice that he starts dancing closer to me, and he grabs my hand. Hold on… tall dating tallgirls tall girl woman height tall singles tall guides magazine kiss height tallguides

Weren’t you like 22 or so? And wasn’t I wearing my dullest outfit ever? What the hell is going on here, mate? I could be your mother!

Ok, I admit, I enjoy the attention. It’s quite flattering. He suggests going outside for a smoke. I don’t smoke, but ‘a bit of fresh air is a good idea’, I reply (yeah, who am I kidding?). It doesn’t take long. We’ve found a quiet corner and we kiss. He’s very eager, quite cheeky for a 22-year-old too, and he suggests we go to my place, as he has housemates. Right. That’s it. This is wrong on so many levels, I’m going home, leaving Mr.22 behind with his mates.

On Monday, one of my colleagues comes to me: ‘hey, wow, Friday was fun, I was regretting it Saturday though; I don’t remember anything after 10pm, I didn’t even say goodbye to you when I left’.

Yeah, I too am going to pretend I don’t remember anything that happened after 10pm… 😉tallguides share it