I have been focusing on nothing but work lately. I have a business trip coming up, and that is taking up all my time as it’s an important week so I need to come prepared. I’ll be away for about a week, and it will be a week with hardly enough sleep, but also with some nice receptions and dinners. Work hard, play hard so to speak.

The location is an Oceanside resort. It’s warm and sunny, and I am thankful that my job brings me to these places. The conference is attended by predominantly men. Men in suits to be more specific, and in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with a well-dressed man in a suit. I am mainly focused on work though, so apart from the occasional scan around the lobby of the hotel, I’m not really paying that much attention to the opposite sex

A few days in, I’m getting ready for dinner with my group; I’m wearing a fairly short blue dress with heels and I’m feeling good about myself. I notice my height is drawing attention whilst I am waiting in the lobby for the bus to depart. I run into a consultant guy whom our office had worked with a few years ago on a project. He’s short (like 5’7 kind of short, and I’m 6’5 at this point, wearing my heels), but very good looking.tall dating tallgirls tall girl woman height tall singles tall guides magazine travel height tallguidesWe chat for a bit, and we swap cards. Later that night, he texts me, asking if I have time to catch up in the coming days, adding that I looked really good in that dress. I tell him we’ll have to play it by it by ear as I’m not sure about my schedule, but that we’ll surely find time for a coffee.

That evening, after my group dinner, I am in the hotel bar. I am almost done with my official duties for this trip, only a few brief things the following afternoon. So, I can kick back and relax, and I’m having a drink with a colleague. Whilst her and I are having a cocktail at the bar, I feel a hand on my shoulder; it’s mr. Consultant. I introduce him to my colleague, invite him to for a drink. It’s getting late, and my colleague still has work to do tomorrow so she leaves. He takes her seat, and whilst sitting and chatting, I totally forget that he is so much shorter than I am.

To be continued…

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