It’s a boringly obvious statement, but it’s true… Change is inevitable.

And we can’t change it.

Unless we wrap ourselves in cotton wool and stay rigidly still for all eternity, it is likely that at some stage in the future we’ll encounter challenge and difficulty once again. (Ok – reading this back I’ve made that sound far more appealing than it should be. Cosy as a hibernating field mouse? Well, possibly yes. But it’s also promisingly boring, and misery-inducing. Not so appealing!).

Most of us have been given the heebie-jeebies by hypothesising over the great unknown. It’s a totally normal, totally human response to things which seem scary and out of our control; born from those good old evolutionary mechanisms we’ve inherited in order to survive.

However, it isn’t particularly useful in our daily lives for the thought of the future to induce a truckload of fear at every opportunity. Especially when there are so many wonderful things waiting for us to live through.

So, let’s make like the heroine in a 1990’s blockbuster, and give “the unknown” a fabulously dazzling makeover.

Think back to a time of change, challenge or difficulty in your life, using a matter-of-fact perspective where possible.Tall Confident tall guides magazine licencetolive confidence coach tallgirls height tallguidesIt might have been a small irritation that got under your skin… Or perhaps it was something more poignant; more significant.

Looking back now, without emotion, ask yourself:

  1. Name the positives that came out of this experience
  2. What are the good things I learned about myself, having lived through that scenario?
  3. What have I gained, as a result of surviving that situation?
  4. How do these benefits continue to influence my life in a positive way?

Write them down. Seriously. Squeeze every good drop out of this activity – it’s SO worth it.

It’s an amazing gift to give yourself when you decide to process the past in a way which actually enhances your future, because it opens the floodgates of reassurance, excitement and courage.

And who wouldn’t want a dose of those whenever things feel uncertain?

Every single experience we have under our belts holds something positive. They might be hard to see – but they are in there if you’re willing to look for them!

Change and challenge are inevitable byproducts of being fully and gloriously alive.

Trusting the inevitability that there are great things to be gained from them, though… That’s what revolutionises the unknown into something amazing.

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How do you cope with change?

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