Hello tall friends! I am here to bring your attention to another tall clothing brand you may not have heard of. Enter: Belle Grande.

Founded after designer, Ekene, decided to take matters into her own hands and help out the everyday tall girl. Designed in England and manufactured in Italy, their website boasted that Belle Grande’s clothes are “designed for tall women seeking a different and unique look, made to a very high standard that cannot be found anywhere else”. So, with a bold statement like that; I had to see for myself! Here’s a review of the clothes that I tried out.

The EVA Knit Coat : Grey £130 /  follow url Navy Blue click here  reduced to £60 in the saletall fashion review

I’m a sucker for knitwear, so Eva was a must try for me. This is so comfortable; a cold day and night essential – accessorize with a hot cup of tea or coffee! It looks good too, if not a bit bulky. The knit pattern is very thick so it bulks you up quite a bit, but this doesn’t bother me. As it scores top points on the comfortable factor, I’m willing to ignore it! The arm length is also great for tall girls – it’ll certainly keep your hands and arms warm until summer.

The SYLVIA dress : £125, go now reduced to £80 in the salebelle grande review

Sylvia is certainly a very pretty dress. It does what a lot of tall clothes doesn’t, and provides colour and print work to make it look every bit as luxurious as it can be. It’s comfortable to wear, and would definitely do well at an event such as a wedding or a party! At 6’2, it isn’t particularly long on me, which is somewhat confusing considering it’s come from a tall brand. The hem sat just above my knee, which is about normal for a dress that I can buy on the high street. Is it worth the £125 price tag? On a twenty somethings budget, price would be only thing that takes focus away from this beautiful dress that is, otherwise, perfect. But there’s good news, the SYLVIA dress is currently reduced to £80 in the sale.

The ELENA Knitted Boat Neck Jumper : £90, download Adobe Pagemaker 7 now reduced to £35 in the salebelle grande

This jumper is luxuriously soft and snuggly, perfect for when it gets chilly! With three-quarter length sleeves, it doesn’t make much difference whether you’re tall or not when wearing this jumper. However, it’s so comfortable and soft that I’m willing to overlook it.

The Verdict!

Overall, I was impressed with Belle Grande’s style and quality. A word of caution to anyone looking to order from here, though. I originally ordered the Sylvia dress in a UK 14 and it was way too big for me! I can get away with wearing a UK 10-12 in Belle Grande which would not happen when wearing regular high street clothes. So if you do order from Belle Grande, definitely size yourselves down!

The quality is really good too. Italian craftsmanship is widely regarded as some of the finest in the world, and while Belle Grande’s clothes don’t necessarily exploit this notion, they definitely deliver on the promise of quality. The fact that this is a fairly new brand and with the Italian manufacturing side, Belle Grande doesn’t have that much to offer online just yet, but the selection is good enough that you’ll be able to find at least one thing that jumps out at you.

Belle Grande could perhaps lower their prices somewhat, as they run the risk of alienating the younger generation of tall girls that simply can’t afford to spend £110 on a jumper, should they miss out a sale. But they seem to be running a lot like American clothing brand MARGE, in that their ideology is to provide luxury rather than necessity.

If you’re interested in seeing more from Belle Grande, head over to their website and have a look around!

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