In our digital age, there’s something magical about meeting social media contacts in person and from the moment I joined the Tall Guides group, I felt called to coordinate a gathering in the USA. Four of us committed to meet for brunch in Seattle and the experience was transformative.

Let me back up a bit and admit that I worried about the event. Would people register to attend? What if the venue wasn’t comfortable? Would the weather hold out? What if we had nothing to talk about beyond clothes? Once the registration closed I even wondered whether a group of four was too small.

None of these things were a concern at all. In fact, the restaurant was lovely. We met at a place called Bastille Café and Bar in a neighbourhood known as Ballard.

bastilleWe drank mimosas and reportedly, one of the best Bloody Marys one of our guests had ever tried. I enjoyed the combination of lime, pineapple, and nutmeg in the Admiral Punch. A festive brunch it was! Outside passers-by entertained us with their giant bearlike dogs and babies equipped with tented backpacks as they strolled through the farmers’ market. The food was as good as the company. A couple of us had omelettes, while one guest’s order of challah french toast was the envy of the table.

What made the outing truly special was the instant solidarity among participants. Sure, we talked about clothes, but it was so much more than that. I shared that I’ve never had close female friends that I could look in the eye. Most of us struggled with self-esteem as we grew into our respective heights. We could all relate to unwanted comments and unfair assumptions on a daily basis. It was notable that more than one of us were quite bored with the constant questions about our height. We have so much more to offer the world.

tall womenFrom the beginning, I felt support. It was immediately a safe place. Two hours later, as we left the restaurant, the wheels were already churning for the next get together. Perhaps Portland or San Francisco? One of the vendors at the market noted that it seemed we had known each other for years. In a way, we have. We know the difficulties we all have lived through. Legroom, dating, fitting in. Beyond that, sometimes feeling like we have to apologize for the space we take up.

Later that day, I saw that my husband had posted a photo of our family online. I happen to be taller than him and someone left a comment that I must smack him around. Needless to say, that person and I are no longer connected! I borrowed strength and connection from the brunch to decide that I don’t need negativity in my life. Like everyone else, I deserve to share a family photo without judgment or outdated social norms influencing what people say or how we feel about the way we look.

For this, I sincerely thank the women who made this fresh mindset possible. Although our time together was brief, I’m certain it will have a lifelong impact.

We would like to extend a long, tall THANK YOU to Tiffany for taking the time and making the effort to organize the first Team Tall get together in the USA… we genuinely hope that over the coming months and years, we see many more tall gatherings popping up around the globe. If you’re interested in hosting a Tall Guides event in your part of the world, please get in touch