Ladies, there is no other way of saying this…

I need to tell you about some recent experiences I’ve had in my underwear.

Unwittingly, this has all stemmed from my latest Tall Guides Body Series; a 3-part exploration of life as a tall lass from both my own perspective, and also from the lived experiences of our #teamtall community.

You see, since the series launched I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days in the Spanish sunshine with some pals. (It was a hen do. I’m just about recovered – just.).

In the past, my pre-bikini process = A period of extreme ‘clean eating’ beforehand; a new found love for sit-ups, and a military approach to removing approximately 4 pounds of my body hair.

And even then; even as a seemingly confident extrovert… I’d still suffer a waves of comparison and self-doubt here and there; self-consciousness running through me as I walk from my sun lounger to the ocean.

But this time, something was different.

Having aired some of my life-long body hang-ups with this like-heighted community who just got it; I realised I had taken the power out of them.

The ‘learned insecurities’ I had become so accustomed to every time a holiday came around were no longer welcome when they came knocking. Once down to my delicates, I honestly couldn’t have cared less about being on show – I just wanted to feel really good, as myself. I even opted to wear heels each night, even though my shorter pals were sticking to flats. I literally decided that it was about time to really enjoy being me… just as I am.

And you know what? I really did enjoy it.tall swimwear anxiety bikini beach tallguides jenNothing changed in the world around me. No one cared any less or any more about my appearance. In fact, confidence always shines brightly – so perhaps this new swagger even worked in my favour. But the point is, I didn’t have to change my appearance in order to feel better… the only thing that had been altered were my thoughts, and the way I chose to speak to myself.

Driving along this week, I found myself daydreaming about Gok Wan’s noughties TV show, “How To Look Good Naked”. (A classic. Can you believe the final episode aired in 2010?).

For anyone who has never seen the show; Gok Wan sets out to improve the self-esteem of body-conscious adults by stripping them down to their birthday suits and having them undertake a series of naked activities… such as a glamorous public photo shoot and a bare-all catwalk. Astonishingly, each episode ended with similar results: Those who had participated felt like a million bucks.

No surgery. No diets. No bootcamps. Just a bit of a pamper; the occasional pair of control-knickers, and a whole ton of positivity around celebrating what yo’ mamma gave you.

Focusing on making the best of what you have; rather than undoing pieces of yourself to fit a different mould.

The takeaway message is, that being the best version of yourself doesn’t necessarily mean changing what you’ve got; just changing the way you see what you’ve got.

Now, I’m not hinting that from now on you’re going to find me nude in your local John Lewis store window, with nothing but a luxury scented candle to shield my modesty. Neither do I have any plans to strut through the Trafford Centre in my drawers… even if this does bizarrely appeal to my updated comfort zones.

But what I will say, is that there are some pretty awesome side-effects to uncompromising self-acceptance; even if it is a byproduct of sharing your insecurities with the world.

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