I work as an Instructional Aide at a middle school. This means I am off work for 2 ½ months during the summer and that means my shopping has to be cut down drastically! Which got me thinking and raised the question; how I can I get my hands on trendsetting fashions during the summer without overspending?

I hit the web with my new best friend, who I hate as much as I love; Pinterest! If you don’t know about Pinterest, shame on you – just kidding! Pinterest is ultimately an enormous online visual board where you can find inspiration and entertain yourself with tons of interests and hobbies pinned by other people. Growing up I’ve always had a thing for DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects. One of the reasons behind that was trying to find my style as a young tall girl. I wanted to attract attention in style but not in height so I began to experiment with my clothes at home. I remember this being a lot of fun and if I got my hands on a teen fashion magazine it was game on! If only they had Pinterest back then.

Anyway, back to my DIY moment…

Since I knew my daughter and I could have some fun creating our own pieces, I made a list of what we could do.  Today I am going to let you in on our plans. Since I am a little rusty, I’ve linked Pinterest pages so you can find your own inspiration and choose what you feel is your style. Now I am sure if you’re into DIY, you may already know about these projects or have even tried them out. I’m sure our fellow tall fashionistas would love to see or hear about what you created (I know I would!) so head over to the #teamtall Facebook group to share any of your creative projects. If this is something new to you, why not try one and see how you get on?

Cut-off Shortstall shorts fashion craft diy eastonthewest tallguides tallguidesmagazine

Why bother with spending over $30 for shorts that may not even cover your derriere, when you can grab a pair of jeans from your local thrift store for $7 and cut them just right for your height? Sounds like something for you, click here for some ideas.

Decorate $1 Flip Flopstall flipflops fashion craft diy eastonthewest tallguides tallguidesmagazine

Okay. You may not be the woman buying $1.00 Flip Flops but if you spend more than $5, you definitely need to make them unique with ideas from these creative sites.

Spice Up Plain White Sneakerstall embroidered sneakers fashion craft diy eastonthewest tallguides tallguidesmagazine

I have just seen a post not too long ago with a young lady creating her own Gucci inspired sneakers. I loved it! I still haven’t tried this project but it is on my list. FYI, She only spent $26 vs $300+. Here are some other ideas you can try.

Unfinished (Raw) Hem Jeans

tall raw hem jeans fashion craft diy eastonthewest tallguides tallguidesmagazine

I did this recently with a pair of jeans that were extra-long but had a super tight stitched hem. You’ll see them on my blog soon. I have to say they worked out great after I did a little adjustment with a pin from here.

Personalise a Plain Teetall diy fashion craft diy eastonthewest tallguides tallguidesmagazine

This has to be one of my favourites! I mean wearing one of the best versatile pieces in a wardrobe with something you personally added to it. This is exciting. Especially, when you can’t find what you are looking for in stores. I estimate this project to cost no more than $8. It really depends on what you like. Try these.

So there you have it ladies. These are five projects that I’m going to be trying out this summer. If you follow me on my blog or social media, you’ll hopefully get to see them in action!

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