Long Tall Sally has launched the world’s first campaign styled exclusively by children in a bid to empower women who have lost their fashion confidence. They have created the ‘Style Has No Rules’ campaign after a new study revealed that 76 percent of women no longer feel confident when it comes to fashion.

However, 78 percent of adult women felt they were confident as a child when it came to choosing outfits, and 96 percent reported they simply “wore what made them happy” up until the age of 10.


What happens when you give six children free rein to style six women who’ve lost their way with fashion?  Long Tall Sally finds out.Longtallsally tallguides style has no rules LTS

Long Tall Sally new body positive campaign challenges the idea of “fashion rules” and taps into the creativity and inhibitions of children when it comes to style.

Mixing prints and patterns? Flaunting heels if you’re tall? It all can (and should) be done!

Six women – ranging in ages 23-46, sizes 8-16, and heights 5’11” – 6’3” – were selected by Long Tall Sally as a part of their new #StyleHasNoRules campaign out of hundreds who felt they were in a “style rut.”  In a makeover with a secret twist, these women were unknowingly paired with “Little Stylists” – children age’s six to eight – who selected and styled an outfit for their models, complete with shoes and accessories, letting their imaginations run free with the fashion possibilities.

The women were treated to a photo shoot. The big reveal – when the models took off their blindfolds – came as a shock to all of them: that children were able to create outfits that made them feel so confident.

Longtallsally tallguides style has no rules LTS

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