TALL GUIDES’ private Facebook community, Team Tall, is where we bring an empowering & inspiring group of tall women together online. What makes this an interesting group is the only thing connecting us is our height so we all have very different things to offer and it’s fast becoming a cool place to hang out! We believe in solidarity and encourage our team members to share and exchange their skills & knowledge to help their fellow tall ones! Our aim is to provide a safe platform for our members to leverage the power of this supportive community and make genuine, lasting connections with women who get it.team-tall-eventsThe group has been steadily growing and we’ll soon be celebrating our first 500 members. I’ve personally had such confidence-boosting experiences this year, most of which have stemmed from being around an abundance of like-heighted women so the natural, next step for this group was to head offline for a social summer hangout in the sun.team-tall-events-londonWe rocked up at Somerset House in London to enjoy brunch and al fresco drinks as we spent an afternoon riverside; chatting, laughing & getting to know each other better. It was a brilliant and successful day that has inspired us to continue with offline events for this group.team-tall-events-londonAll event details are shared in the privacy of the Team Tall community prior to the event, ensuring the safety of the women and keeping unwanted attention at bay!

We have an exciting series of events in the pipeline for the coming months, including another in London as well as Amsterdam, Dublin and now, our first US event in Seattle. If you’re a tall woman and this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please click here to join the team. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.