In a world where society tells everyone what size or shape they should be, people can get a little obsessed with numbers. But what’s the real the value in a size? I would think none, considering that manufacturers and labels all have a different opinion on what a certain size is and what it looks like.

I mean think about it, no one retailer uses the same fit model and no two women are the same. And the worst part, the clothing is all produced for a general fit; for anyone to purchase and to make any needed adjustments themselves. Babs wrote a fantastic piece on body shape which explains this in more detail. So why are we so obsessed with a number? Because the fashion industry tells us that we should be.size mindsetNow this is where the battle begins; Size vs Comfort. Think how much more confident we could be if we start to wear clothing that makes us comfortable instead of focusing on what size we are wearing. When shopping for your clothes, a particular size may be okay to start with but that size mustn’t go on to define you.

Try on every size you need to find your comfort . There is nothing worse than spending money on something that doesn’t fit right. A part of being chic is confidence in what you have on. And you can’t be confident in something that’s chaffing, cutting in or that you have to keep from falling off. I consider my self a US 4 (a UK 8) but have come to find out I may need to go one or two sizes up or down from time to time. It all depends on the label. Usually when someone asks what size I am I reply with two sizes instead of one.

I’ve noticed body image positivity is sweeping across the social media platforms and I absolutely love it. The fact that women are showing off their body with love and respect puts a smile on my face. (If you don’t know me personally, I am the type of person who wants everyone to be happy).

I feel like we all can wear what makes us happy if we start to focus on comfort instead of size. And there really should be a battle since confidence always beats ambiguity when it comes to style.