I have always loved stationery. Possibly a little too much but on many an occasion, the right notebook and pen has played a significant role in unleashing my creative potential… and when you combine this with a seductive promise of organisation, I simply find it hard to resist

Welcome to the Tall Guides Stationery Cupboard! We don’t just organise our lives in diaries and notebooks; we confide in them and share our deepest thoughts and feelings. Spending so much of our lives online has made writing by hand feel like we’re somehow beating the system, stealing minutes out of the day to dream, to plan and to remember.

We’re super-excited to open the virtual doors to our Tall Guides store and showcase our first eco-notebook collection - each one is a safe place where your ideas are encouraged and welcomed. Their crisp, blank pages are ready and waiting for your thoughts, dreams and aspirations… all of which could one day change the world.

…because happiness is like-heighted stationery!

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