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Our #TEAMTALL community is continuing to grow and as it does, we are seeing more and more creativity emerge from the group. We've been shown tips and tricks on how to add length to sleeves, skirts and dresses, we've seen an increasing number of women who make their own clothes and we've been witness to emerging designers launching new brands. Not only have we been impressed but it has inspired us to create a dedicated space in which to showcase and share some of these inspirational projects and the women behind them. If you're looking for creative inspiration, this is where you'll find it and if you'd like to submit a creative project, please email theteam@tallguides.com with an outline of your latest creation.

#SewTallAndCreative2017 Design Challenge

We've partnered up with MARGE, who share our ethos about encouraging sewing and creativity in the tall community. Founders, Kaersten Cooper and Sallee Poinsette-Nash put their heads together to come up with the #SewTallAndCreative2017 Design Challenge. Four participants were thoughtfully selected from around the globe to take part and they were asked to design and/or sew a dress in the spirit of the Summer/Resort Season. All participants were gifted identical boxes of fabrics from MARGE Clothing and given two months of design milestones to hit before the end date, 20th May 2017. MARGE & Tall Guides Magazine will be announcing the lucky winner(s) on May 22. Swipe to see the challenge and the tall creativity unfold...