The Danes’ aesthetic, along with their Swedish and Norwegian neighbours, is increasingly influencing the rest of the world on the style front. We know that we love it but what is it? And how do we get the look right? In our tall world, there are two women who immediately come to mind. We asked the beautiful and inherently stylish HøFSisters, Hannah and Zoe to share their secrets and help us better understand Scandi Style.

Q1. The first thing we’d love to know is; how would you define Scandinavian style?

Crisp, minimal and effortlessly chic.

Q2. What is intrinsic to Danish fashion and what sets it apart from Swedish and Norwegian style?

When we think of Danish style, we conjure up an image of a fresh faced (typically make-up free) Queen of layering. The Danes can pull off anything because of their inner confidence, cool and poise. Even a baggy coat over baggy pants and trainers looks sophisticated in the hands of Danish fashionistas like Pernille Teisbaek. They’re minimal with a little bit of boho and a little bit of grunge.

The Swedes are the experts in minimal, the defining feature of some of our favourite brands like Hope, Cos, Filippa K and Hunkydory.

We’re not experts in Norwegian fashion but it tends to lean towards more high glamour.

Q3. What are the foundation pieces of a tall girl’s Scandinavian wardrobe?

We are often banging on about cost-per-wear over at HøFSisters. Every girl should have a few hard-working pieces in their wardrobe that maybe cost a little bit more, but are timeless and classic in design. For example, a beautiful, crisp white shirt (get one made if you can’t find one to fit e.g at Gormley & Gamble), a luxurious chunky knit in a neutral colour, a denim jacket or a cashmere/wool coat. It may feel painful at the time but these are investment pieces that you will use over and over again.

Q4. What is your style ethos as Danish-inspired fashion bloggers?

The Danish influence comes from our mother, who grew up in Copenhagen. We have travelled there many times and always have this sense of coming home. Denmark has influenced our style ethos greatly, which revolves around comfort and not taking ourselves too seriously!Scandi style HOFSisters tallguides tall fashionWe love to wear clothes that we feel good in and gives us a sense of purpose to our day – a certain utilitarian vibe if you like. If you’re worried about your shoes pinching, or have to keep hoiking up your tights you’re missing the point of Danish fashion!

Q5. Are there any Danish brands you think should be on the international tall girl’s radar?

Yes! Ganni, Gestuz and Second Female are three of our favourite Danish brands. We’ve featured all of them over on HøFSisters. For accessories look to Becksondergaard.

Q6. We would say the HøFSisters, but who would you say the top tall Scandinavian style icons and trendsetters are right now?

Haha you’re very kind! Sadly we’re only half-Danish so maybe couldn’t claim that title… Tall Scandinavian style icons? That’s a tricky one! Danes don’t tend to obsess too much about their height, so it doesn’t become a defining aspect of who they are.

Pernille Teisbaek has an enduring style, looking cool and radiant, even days after giving birth! Anine Bing is also one of our favourites – that girl really knows how to make a t-shirt look good. Two of the most important people in the Danish fashion industry right now are Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup, the couple behind Ganni, a brand which has fashionistas and celebrities crawling over themselves to be associated with. We are going to boast now by saying that we featured Ganni back in June 2016 for Zoe’s birthday, well before they were a household name!

Q7. As Danish-inspired fashion bloggers, what would you cite as your wardrobe staples?

These would be our most loved, worn and comfortable clothes.HOFSisters danish scandi style tall fashion bloggers tallguides

Hannah: my wardrobe staples are definitely my cashmere Joseph coat and Dad’s cable knit yellow Dunhill jumper which must be more than 20 years old! I love wearing this because it reminds me of him and it has SUPER long sleeves!

Zoe: my wardrobe staples revolve around classic materials: a silk Equipment shirt, a V-neck cashmere jumper (also Equipment!), and my all-time favourite leather leggings from Joseph.

H&Z: As of about a month ago, our new wardrobe staples are our P448 high tops, which we’re wearing in the main image. They are so comfy and ridiculously cool. They help us live our Scandi style ethos by allowing us to look trendy in just jeans and a tee! You can buy your own at our HøF Shop, which sells styles up to a UK11.

Hannah & Zoe’s Tall Guides Take Away

What are your top 3 Scandi style tips for tall women who are looking to achieve this look on a budget?

  1. It’s better to underwork a look than overwork it.
  2. A loose fitting t-shirt, tucked into jeans and worn with flat shoes is a winning effortlessly-chic Scandi look.
  3. Opt for less make up rather than more. Fresh-faced minimal is the mantra of Danish fashion.

Which scandi-style must have could you not live without?