I tell you what, ladies… There is something really exciting about writing this piece; knowing that I’ve just come ‘screen-to-face’ with so many readers over in the #Teamtall Facebook group!

You might have seen me doing a couple of live videos these past 2 weeks; fully equipped with my life coaching partner-in-crime, Lydia (The ‘Dec’ to my ‘Ant’, if you will).

Last week we ran a very special competition, exclusively for women within the Tall Guides community.

We spilled 3 of our top confidence tricks with the group; and then revealed our competition to win a full 60-minute life coaching session with us at Licence To Live. We concluded with a cherry-on-top: By sharing our secret #Teamtall discount code for life coaching services with us (details at the end!).


Something has been really bugging me, ever since.

And it just isn’t sitting so well on this vertically-blessed conscience of mine.

Now – don’t get me wrong. The whole competition process has been awesome. We’ve been thrilled to connect more closely with members of the lovely #Teamtall community… Many of whom did take the leap; enter themselves for the competition, and potentially even won it! (Congrats again, winners!).

BUT…. There is a ‘but’. Because this has been playing on my mind, and I really want you to consider if it rings true for you.

I am absolutely convinced that there are women reading this, who didn’t enter the competition, even though they know in their gut that they need or want this kind of support.

I’ve been thinking back to times in my own life where fantastic opportunities have rocked up, but I just haven’t taken them (even if, looking back, part of me really wanted to).When I dig a little deeper, I recognise that this has usually been for one of these reasons:

  • It didn’t fully occur to me that the opportunity was actually available to ME – just as much as to anybody else
  • I convinced myself that other people were somehow more entitled to the opportunity than I was (face-palming right now)
  • I’d been so caught up in the hamster-wheel of life, that the notion of trying to do anything different/new was hard to comprehend (even if I was desperate for change!)
  • I didn’t feel brave enough to say ‘yes’
  • I failed to notice (and own) the fact that the only thing stopping me from taking the opportunity, was ME!

licencetolive coaching tall confidence tallguides tall guides magazineYou might be thinking, “Errrm, Jen… You’re supposed to be our Tall Guides Confidence Coach, right? So who is this hesitant, uncertain lass you’re describing?”

Well… The reality is; it would be utter BS if I (or any other ‘expert’ going) tried to convince you that we hadn’t reached the point we are at right now, without going through the motions ourselves first.

One of the most poignant similarities Lydia and I find amongst the women we work with, is that they’ve reached the emotional, exhausting realisation that for far too long, they’ve been putting their own needs last And they’re pretty much burnt out, as a result.

There’s been too much to do.

Too many people to potentially ‘let down’.

They’ve felt too guilty or selfish to take a chance for themselves.

They haven’t believed that they are good enough.

They’ve convinced themselves that great opportunities are just things that happen to other people.

And we get it. We totally get it! Because we’ve been there, done it, and bought the flippin’ extra-long T-Shirt, too – click to read more of our story.

So if I’m touching a nerve right now, please consider this message:

Sometimes the chances we don’t take are there to provide us with a bigger and better opportunity… Such as realising that it’s time to start saying ‘yes’ to ourselves. Because no one else can.

From this, those amazing opportunities can finally start flooding in your direction… And when you decide to go for them; the world around you will adapt to it just fine.

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