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Say hello to Parol – a high-end, tall fashion brand based in Denmark. Parol believe in slow fashion and are creating well-made clothes that will last through the seasons. The styles are timeless and classic – but never boring and you will always find a fun twist to each garment; making it unique and special to wear.

All of the styles are made of high-quality Italian fabrics and are extremely comfortable to wear. Parol know that when you feel good, you also look your best. With a desire to make dressing for the day enjoyable, their simple, elegant collection is easy to style to suit every occasion.

This collection is especially dedicated to tall women. Being a tall woman herself, Designer and Owner, Irina Berg knows the challenges of finding a dress or pair of trousers that will fit. Therefore, Parol’s designs are made to accentuate the elegance and beauty of a tall woman’s figure – to make her feel confident and to ‘stand tall’.Parol Denmark tall fashion tall clothing tallgirls tall women tallguides magazine height tall guides

Irina clocks in at just over 5’9 and she switched over to designing for tall women by accident. Unlike other designers who started out catering to the tall market, Irina was already designing for a more mainstream crowd. One day, a customer complained about a particular style; commenting that the sleeves were too long and she had better stick to standard measurements next time. It was in this moment that Irina knew! She is not average and as tall women, we have a very different ‘standard’.

Irina started her first design shop back in 2003. Redesigning vintage clothing and ended up working with 7 freelance designers in clothing, jewellery, ceramics and accessories. “It was amazing time in my life” she says, and it ended with her meeting her now husband, who is extremely supportive of her talents. He backed her starting her own brand three years ago and as of 2017, she can proudly say that Parol is a brand for tall women.
If you’re wondering what Parol means, you’re not alone. Many people ask Irina about it and the dictionary simply defines it as “word of mouth”. Irina explains “the world is full of words, and how we use, listen, and trust them matters” she goes on to say “years ago, after reading it in the bible, this word and it’s meaning became very personal to me.”

Explore the Parol collection

Parol Denmark tall fashion tall clothing tallgirls tall women tallguides magazine height tall guidesParol Denmark tall fashion tall clothing tallgirls tall women tallguides magazine height tall guides
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