What would you change if choice was the word of the week? If you reconsidered all of your commitments, knowing that you had the right to change your mind; would you do anything differently?

Imagine going through every day this week, next week, any week with choice as your guide. What obligations, habits and expectations might you reconsider?

It doesn’t have to be about the major stuff… big decisions and choices often come kicking and screaming into our lives to let us know that they are there, determined to get our attention regardless of whether we want to give it.

It’s those smaller commitments, the ones that slip in under the radar and pile up; slowly eating into our time and devouring our capacity to make choices about where our day goes and how our energy is spent. Often, we don’t even see it happening. Before we know it, our precious day has been defined for us, not by us.

You’re always one decision away from a totally different lifechoice choices inspiration tallguidesSo are you ready to accept the challenge of letting choice guide you for one week? Are you up for reclaiming your right to decide how to spend your time?

If you answered yes, then maybe you’ll end up cancelling that needless meeting? Maybe you’ll choose to turn your phone off and eat your lunch outside in the fresh air for a change or simply hit delete on a load of emails that don’t really need an answer.

Given the choice would you take your usual route or would you go a different way; noticing and embracing any unexpected moments that may show up? That beautiful blossom lined street that you usually bypass, the young girl helping an older lady across the road or the laughter of children playing without a care in the world. Noticing all of these things, whatever they may be, purely because you switched off auto-pilot when you made a choice to take a different route. And all for the price of an five extra minutes on your journey time; which you’d have easily spent replying to those deleted emails!

You don’t need to make drastic changes, unless of course you choose to! Simply deciding to embrace the possibility of choice throughout your week will give you a boost. If you decide to give it a try, do let us know how you got on.