source After the recent unveiling of our stationery cupboard, my love of notebooks and office supplies of all sorts is no secret. In the ‘research phase’ for the Tall Guides Notebook collection, I acquired no less than 10 new notebooks with photos of so many more. I get as much pleasure browsing the aisles at Paperchase, Selfridges (downstairs), Smythson and any boutique stationers I can find as others do at Selfridges (upstairs), Westfield or trawling for fashion finds on Regent Street.

soft viagra directions There are so many uses for humble, everyday items. You can use tipex / white out to touch up a French manicure. If you’ve eaten too much at the office lunch (or even during pregnancy), you can use rubber bands as a trouser / pants extender – to do this, loop one end of the rubber band on the button, loop in through the button hole and connect the other end back on the button et voila, problem solved! Here are my Top 3 office supply hacks.

1. Sharpies

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what is fake viagra made of Regular, neon, metallic – I love them all! The list of creative sharpie uses stretches as far as your imagination; from upcycling a plain pair of shoes, t-shirt or any other piece of clothing to one-of-a-kind manicures. For those emergency shoe or handbag scuffs that needs eliminating to jazzed up brown parcel paper for a thoughtfully wrapped gift. What do you do with yours?

2. Pencils & Pens

enter site You’ll often spot a pencil or pen twisted into my ‘woman at work’ hairstyle; it’s the most readily available hair accessory going and it’s far kinder to your hair than a rubberband. This WikiHow tutorial shows you 5 easy styles you can create with nothing more than a pencil and the video tutorial above demonstrates just how quick and easy it is.

3. Scotch Tape / Sellotapeoffice supply hacks tall brows

follow url Whether you need a lint roller before you walk into a meeting or if there’s been an accident and you need to pick up small shards of glass; scotch tape has your back. This unassuming roll of helpfulness is a beauty hack must. It helps out with perfect eyeliner flicks, on-point brows and stress-free contouring. It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to emergency blister prevention.

These are my favourites but there are so many more uses for all those modest items in your desk drawer. I’d love to know if you use these? And if you have a favourite office supply hack, please leave a comment below and kindly share it with your fellow tall ones!