Hi Nikki! It’s been great to connect with you through #teamtall and thank you for sharing our group’s tall travel tips on The Jet Set TV. Even though we’re on opposite sides of the world, your enthusiasm & positive energy shines through. So I’m excited to get to know you a little bit better and to share some of your story with our readers. Let’s get stuck in…

Q1. We know you as a TV presenter and a lifestyle expert but you’re so much more; an accomplished athlete, health & wellness expert and a philanthropist. Can you tell us more about life before The Jet Set?

A1. Yes! First, I want to say I am so excited to be a part of #teamtall, you ladies are an inspiration! So life before the Jet Set television show was also an adventure. I received a volleyball scholarship to play in college and I have been travelling the world ever since.

My height has been my livelihood and wouldn’t change it for the world! Before becoming host of the Jet Set, I started my own health and wellness brand and was doing segments for various shows. Coming from an athletic background, going into wellness was a natural fit for me. Who knew that playing volleyball in front of thousands of people would one day prepare me for life in front of the camera!

Q2. You began co-hosting The Jet Set around a year ago; was presenting something you’d always wanted to do? How did you make the jump from health & wellness to TV presenter? 

A2. If you had told me a year ago I would be a co-host on a nationally syndicated television show, I would have been shocked! I was doing the wellness segments on the Jet Set, and I loved the team. The original co-host left the show, and they were having different people fill in and audition. They asked me to help co-host one day, and I had so much fun. It was completely different than anything I had ever done before, but I went outside my comfort zone and took a risk. After we taped, I said ‘you know what, I would like to be considered for the role’ – and I got it!

Q3. The Jet Set is an emerging talk show on a mission to reinvent travel television and it reaches over 100 million homes across the United States. Can you tell us more about the show, the role it has played in your transformation, along with some of the best bits…

 A3. Being part of the Jet Set family has been amazing. On the show we encourage exploring cultures, trying different foods, learning about new things and seeing the world in a positive way. We have so much variety: aviation experts come on the show to talk about the secrets of flying, to luxury segments, to learning about culinary tours, my fit to fly segments, adventure getaways and so much more. The show has transformed me completely. I have started a new career at 38 and love every second of what I do, how lucky am I!

The best part of all of this is the people I work with, we are more than colleagues, we are family.jetset tv tall travel tallguides nikkinoya

Q4. I’m certain I’m not alone in thinking that as taller women, we’re less likely to have an onscreen career than some of our shorter counterparts? You’re over 6ft tall and you’re clearly not playing that game – can you tell us if this is actually the case or whether it’s a tall person myth?!

A4. I think it is true, but I also think that perceptions are changing. At 6’1” I have been in situations where my height did not fit in with the other television personalities but as an athlete, my height was viewed as an asset, which gave me a sense of confidence and body awareness. As more tall women are branching out into different areas of media, I think height is becoming less and less of an ‘issue’. It’s more about personality …and patience while they adjust the camera to your height!

Q5. What does the on screen dream look like for you and where would you like to take your presenting career? 

A5. I’m living my on screen dream right now! I get to travel, be with wonderful, positive people, and be a role model for my two younger sisters and all tall women. I want to continue to learn and help The Jet Set grow… then possibly have my own show one day!

Q6. Do you still find time to work in the health & wellness sphere or has The Jet Set become your main focus?

A6. I am lucky enough to still be able to do my “Fit to Fly” segments on the show that cover all things health and wellness as relates to travel. That means sharing the best stretches to do on long flights or what are the best exercises to do in any hotel gym so I still get to talk about my passion, which is health and wellness, just to a wider audience!

Q7. Who and what are your main inspirations and greatest influences?

A7. This is a tough one, because everyday something surprises me in a great way. The first thing that comes to mind is my family, especially my brother and sisters. I have 13 and 16 year old sisters that are growing up to be amazing women so they inspire me to be my best. The women I work with at Dress for Success Miami inspire me every day with their strength.  My husband, who is my biggest fan, influences me and inspires me to go after my dreams. I am very blessed.jetset tv tall travel tallguides nikkinoya

Q8. As someone who firmly believes in legacy beyond business, I’d love to shine a spotlight on your extensive philanthropic work around Human Rights and the Environment. Your philosophy of ‘we have one planet and we all need to live here’ really speaks to me, as I’m sure it does many others. Although all causes are as worthy as the next in their own ways; is there one project in particular that stands out for you and why?

A8. Ken and I from the start realised the positive impact we can make together. We founded the Noya Fields Family Fund to shine a light on causes we are passionate about and to make solutions accessible. Women’s rights and health are especially important to me, and my work with Dress for Success is the best thing I do. Helping women is my life’s work.

Q9. What can we expect to see from you next?

A9. I really feel like I’m just getting started! That is also what I want to share with #teamtall – It is NEVER too late to start. Go for it! Take that chance!  I want to see the Jet Set grow and have adventures. We are in the process of adoption and starting our family. I can see myself being a voice for women – maybe a career in politics is in my future?! The Nikki Noya Show sounds pretty great too… I am open to all possibilities.

Q10. How would you describe yourself in one word?

A10. Vibrant

Nikki’s Tall Guides Takeaway

Thank you so much for sharing some of your story – you’re an inspiration to other women and we wish you every success with your family, career and the future Nikki Noya Show! Before we sign off, we’d love to know what 3 pieces of advice or words of wisdom you can share with other women who want to explore a career in television?

1. The best things that have ever happened to me were a result of taking a risk.

2. The most important voice to listen to is your own.

3. No doesn’t hurt. Ask for what you want, what you need and what you deserve.

You can connect with Nikki over in our #teamtall Facebook group, via Twitter and Instagram or see more over on The Jet Set TV