Say hello to 6’2 Michele from Santa Fe, New Mexico – a trained nurse who now works in medical sales. Michele is the 24th contributor to join our Tall Guides Magazine team.

Alongside the day job, Michele is on a mission to encourage all women to pull strength from each other and find their authentic voice. She’s the founder of Girls Only No Boys Allowed – a community of women with a common goal of supporting other women.

Michele became a nurse over twenty five years ago and quickly realised her ability to develop meaningful relationships so in the summer of 2016, she answered the call of a desire to build an online community for women. It began as a Facebook group with her close girlfriends and less than a year later, is 400 women strong. It quickly developed into a YouTube channel and gatherings of women, who know each other only from the internet, have blossomed into lifelong friendships.tallguides magazine tall michele toon gonba girls only no boys allowed teamtallWhen asked about the goal of the group, she will quickly tell you it is a safe place for women to be women, without the distraction of men.

Michele is one of our #teamtall group admins, she is hosting our next #teamtall USA gathering ‘Tacos, Tequila & Tall Girls’ in Phoenix, AZ on 29th July and as a contributor, she’ll be championing a conversation about women and connection with the Tall Guides Magazine readers.

You can connect with Michele in the #teamtall Facebook group, on Instagram or over at the Girls Only No Boys Allowed YouTube channel