Time. We all have it. Some people have more than others, but we all have time. Time is free and it is ours to do as we wish with. I’d like to start by giving you an insight into my time? My days go like this.

I work 37.5 hours a week in an office. Usually, I wake up at 7:00 however, I could get up at 5:00, and some days I do, depending on what I want to get done e.g. I’m at a cardio class first thing on a Tues and Thurs, or maybe I’ll get into work for 8 instead of 9. I get home at 17:30. As soon as I’m home I get changed for the gym and off I go. 2 hours (perhaps less) later, I finish and head home to shower, cook, food prep, clean, read, or whatever. So let’s say 20:00. At this point I still have approx 3 hours until I sleep, that’s 3 more hours of time to do something with. Wonderful!

Now let me give you an insight into my partner’s time?  His days go something like this.

Liam works approx 80 hours a week.  He’s a Personal Trainer. He wakes up at 5:20, to greet his first client at 6:00. He has clients throughout the day until 21:30. During this time he may have 1 or 2 hours spare in the afternoon where he will read, or get some admin done so he doesn’t have to do it at the weekend. He gets home at around 21:45. When he gets home he likes to read, wind down, and he’s not often keen on talking. Charming – but I get it.

I often find myself talking to random people and the force behind this post was a comment a lady made to me on the train whilst talking about life – you know, as you do, to a stranger! “…so how do you find the time, do you get to do much together?”

It got me thinking and I thought it would make for a good blog post.  Time is special, and yes, it’s limited. It needs to be managed carefully, and thoughtfully, both professionally and personally to ensure happiness all round! I’m hoping that some of you will be able to relate so I’ve pulled together my top tips;

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When you’re both busy you need to look for time gaps. Do you have the same time free? Even if it’s just a quick hour at lunch time for a spot to eat. If Liam is finishing early (20:00), I’ll make tea. Hurrah, not a makeshift tea eaten out of Tupperware on the sofa but a proper sit down at the table together tea where we can enjoy that extra hour.

Send A Text

Technology can be a wonderful thing! It only takes a minute to send a text.  It can totally make someone’s day to receive a thoughtful text, especially if you’re both rushed off your feet.

Date Night

It’s gotta be done.  Saturday evenings out for food, the cinema, or maybe make a day of it on Sunday. Road trip! Quality time is so important. Like me, you might live with your partner, to which some will assume “you see them all the time”, but actually, no, that’s not the case and that’s not quality time spent. That’s “I’m shattered, I’ll speak to you in the morning” – haha! Quality time is time that you both set aside for one another. Doing something together and not having to worry about work and other distractions.

Synchronise Your Schedules

Can you rearrange your schedule? Can you switch up your work hours and take a day off? I take classes that Liam holds at the gym. The main reason isn’t to see him (sorry Liam) it’s because I thoroughly enjoy them, but it’s an added bonus of course. He also PT’s me on Saturday mornings in between clients. I’m lifting and learning with him! It’s fun, we get to spend some extra time together (ish) and it works.

Remember This Too, Shall Pass

Perhaps it’s just a busy time in your life right now, your work schedule is up in the air and everything’s a bit full on. Soon something might give and there’ll be less pressure in the air. Or in my case, “this too shall not pass” because my partner is the bomb and is highly sought after at work! No, I’m only kidding; I am so proud of his success. We work with it and we’ll make it together.

Treasure The Time You Have

If you’ve got time together, treasure it. Make the most of it. Withdraw your focus from what you don’t have, and concentrate on what you do. We are all guilty of wanting more. And yes sometimes we need to work on balancing our priorities. But, like many others, I do get to see my partner every day and although quality time is not always spent – I do get to see him.  It could always be worse!

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