Last week I flew six and half hours one-way to attend ‘After hours’ with Tall Guides and Long Tall Sally. This may seem like a long trip to some, but not so much to a girl who grew up travelling five hours every ‘back to school’ season with her Mom. Mom and I would walk into the Long Tall Sally store with big smiles on our faces and spend hours trying on and buying clothes that actually fit. Those shopping trips with my Mom are some of my most cherished memories.

A few years ago my Mom was in a coma, we were told to expect the worst and being the realist that I am, I did. I remember sitting on her bed and looking at this adorable caricature of the two of us. We had it done at a street festival during the last back to school shopping trip that we went on. I remembered a few of the ladies who were watching us thought we were friends, not mother and daughter, because of how much fun we were having. I wasn’t ready to lose her and I needed more happy memories, ones of her smiling and laughing. I could never have enough of them.

I think most tall women have struggles with feeling like they don’t fit in or belong. I’ve always belonged with my Mom. We were both tall; both a bit awkward and a tad silly. We both felt like we didn’t fit in but we didn’t fit in together. I still needed her, I hadn’t figured out how to belong on my own. Thankfully someone must have heard my desperate pleas because she woke up and she is still here today.Long Tall Sally Events LTS longtallsally bags #teamtall Team Tall Tall Guides Magazine tallguides

When I got out of the cab in front of the Long Tall Sally store in London all of those memories came back to me. All of those feelings of belonging with my Mom were compounded when I walked in the store and I was surrounded by a tribe of beautiful, strong, tall women, who likely too at some point felt like they didn’t fit in…

So you can see why a six and a half hour plane ride was worth it to me. Long Tall Sally isn’t just a store and #teamtall isn’t just a Facebook Group, it’s where I feel like I belong.

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